3 Gifts to Give the Artist in Your Life

5 mins read

Shopping for artists can be difficult. Their creativity makes you feel pressure to give them the best gift you can think of. The first thing that may pop into your head is more artist supplies or interesting art pieces, but sometimes it all just makes you second guess what to get them. Here are some gifts that you really can’t go wrong with when shopping for your artist friend.

Think about art supplies that artists are bound to need

When thinking of gift ideas, think about things that are practical for artists. What would they always be in need of? What do artists run out of a lot? This could be anything from canvas to a new set of colored pencils. Artists love variety in most cases. Even if colored pencils aren’t their favorite, they will love a new set as a gift. This is a thoughtful idea that they will appreciate next time they want to draw! Canvases are great because it is like giving an artist an open reign to make whatever they want! They also probably need new canvases all the time.

Simple art supplies can’t lead any artist in the wrong direction. Thinking ahead to art supplies that they might run out of makes your gift feel thoughtful and useful. What more could someone ask for when receiving a gift?

Artwork from another artist

Look online for artists that remind you of their artistic style. This is a great way to help them decorate their room or apartment in a style that inspires them. Take into consideration the creative energy that they embody in their work when picking out something. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness of you picking out someone else’s art for their enjoyment. They also can use this to create their perfect creative space.

This piece that you give them can even have meaning to it. If it is something that reminds you of them, leave a note attached. This is a heartfelt way to make a connection with your friend or family member. Wherever they hang this piece of art, they will always think of you when they see it! One option is to look for Simple Canvas Prints that features art they would enjoy!

If they have a favorite artist, this is an easy gift. Find a cool pin or mug with a design from their favorite artist, then pair it with some herbal tea or their favorite coffee!

Clothing that reminds you of their art and style

Sometimes artists think more about what they create and surround themselves with than what they wear! This isn’t a bad thing, but they would definitely be ecstatic to receive a unique piece of clothing that reminds them of their artistic style. This could be anything from a cool hat to a uniquely patterned scarf. Take into consideration the kind of clothes they would want to be wearing while creating art. This might even mean a paint bib — especially if they are subject to getting paint everywhere in their creative endeavors. A gift like this will definitely be put to good use. Taking into consideration the clothing possibilities for artists will definitely open up your mind to some gift ideas you hadn’t thought of yet!

Whatever you get the artist in your life, have fun with it — whether it be new art, supplies or a cool pair of paint-resistant shoes. Being creative when giving a present will make your gift feel 100 percent more authentic to you and the receiver! Artists are the best people to shop for. Take some time to head to your local art shop and online to look around for items in these three categories.