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3 Leather Scrapbook Album Ideas for Unique Occasions

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Are you wondering what is the best gift you can give to a friend, family, loved one? Well, it is time and memories, right? Now, you might have already given both of these to your special one and even captured a few moments via pictures (God bless cell phones and cameras)

However, how about collecting these captured memories and presenting them to your special one on any auspicious or singular occasion. Now, that sounds wonderful and touching, not to mention it is a cost-effective and thoughtful present. To do this all you require is a photo folder, for example, a brown leather scrapbook album!

The leather photo album, unlike cell phones, has an old-world charm attached to it. You can store images in these in sequence to narrate a special story or depict a singular bond that is personal and intimate. In any event, a leather scrapbook is ideal in several situations where these can act like ice-breakers to even give away memories.

Today, let’s look at several scenarios where you can use a leather scrapbook to depict a hundred emotions.

Read on, 

  1. A Giveaway Present

Imagine this, your childhood best friend/lover has landed a job in X country. He/she is shifting away for 7 plus years and you are left heartbroken and happy. You do not know how to express your gratitude and pride with mere materialistic presents, so what to do?

Simple, invest in an old school leather album and make him/her a memoir scrapbook! You can include chapters in the scrapbook, add headlines, taglines and images in sequence. Start from childhood photos and place the most significant growing up pictures till the present time.

This will help your friend recall sweet memories and aid him/her in remembering you with fondness. For, your lover, try and put images of moments that were special to both. You might have been cooking your first meal together, or your first outing etc.

  1. Apology Accepted

Fights are common in any kind of relationships. From informal ones like fights among parents/friends and lovers to formal fights among colleagues, one cannot seem to avoid these. After all, no two people are the same! However, often fights based on ego, anger, and misunderstanding fail to heal and ruin beautiful relationships forever.

This is why, when needed it is best to extend the olive branch. One of the most creative and sweet way to end a fight is a kind gesture. You can do this by making a customized photo scrapbook saying sorry. Use this scrapbook and add playful images where you are saying sorry. This gesture is sweet, kind and bound to reduce tension and animosity that cropped up out of ego.

  1. Any Kind of Birthdays

If it is the birthday of your best friend, your parents or grandparents then a scrapbook is one of the best present ideas ever. So, invest in a cute brown leather scrapbook album and customize it by adding memories in a chronological pattern.

For example, for your elder family members add old memories captured in monochrome with the correct titles. For, your best friend, add more funky and crazy images. You can also customize the cover with a heading, title or decorative to give the scrapbook a personal touch.

 Well, there you go! 3 instances you can uniquely use a personalized scrapbook! So, hurry why not try out the above ideas, or implement your hint for an exclusive scrapbook idea!