Why 3-Pin Electrical Plug is Better?

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Home appliances often generate curiosity among their users about the plug pins. There are appliances that have three-pin plug and others have two-pin plug. In this article, electrical plug pins manufacturers will explain the difference between these two plugs. They will also bring the reasons why three-pin plug is better than two pin plug. Read further to know about these two plugs types.

  • Grounding

There are grounded plugs manufactured by electrical products companies. The three-pin plugs are one of these plugs known as grounded. It implies that the third pin of the plug connects directly through a series of wires going underground outside the building. In case of an electrical trouble, you never wish to have any mishap with electricity and so, it is always safe to have it grounded outside.

  • Two pins

Two-pin plug is used in those applications that don’t need enough electricity to use the ground. Even if there is a severe case, you will only get a mild shock.

Why three-pin plug is safer?

Putting a plug in a socket is a basic thing that everyone does. It is a daily routine that the modern world follows every day. Everyone, including the 6 year old kid knows how to plug in the phone charger and full the battery.

Three-pin plug offers protection against electric shocks. Electrical appliances with metallic bodies needed to be earthed to prevent electric shock mishaps. If there is a fault current or leakage within the appliance, the whole body of metal becomes live and if you touch it by mistake, you may get a severe shock and this can be life threatening.

In a 3-pin plug, the wire connecting to the ground pin is also connected to the metal body of the appliance. In case of electricity leakage, this third pin discharges the power electricity safely to ground. With this act, user stays protected against getting shock while using the appliance.

This is why for high voltage appliances, manufacturers use 3-pin plug instead of two-pin plug. If you are also looking for electrical plugs for replacement purposes, you can contact electrical plug pins manufacturers any time. They are making the premium range of plugs for distinct applications and appliances. To know more about their range, write to them.

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