3 Tips For Booking Mumbai To Goa Flights At Cheapest Prices

3 Tips For Booking Mumbai To Goa Flights At Cheapest Prices

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Goa is perhaps the first place that comes to mind while thinking of a getaway destination from Mumbai. The financial capital of India – Mumbai – itself is a popular tourist destination, showcasing a unique amalgamation of colonial and contemporary architectures. Mostly, people travelling to this city often extend their trip to experience the quaint charm of Goa beaches. To facilitate their wanderlust, a number of Mumbai to Goa flights are operated on a regular basis. If you are looking forward to exploring the fishing villages in Goa and capture the beauty of sunrise and sunset behind azure waters, then the following tips to get tickets at low fare can be helpful.

3 Tips For Booking Mumbai To Goa Flights At Cheapest Prices

Avoiding Peak Travel Time

The first and foremost rule to get the cheapest flight tickets is choosing the time when the demand for air services is low. Another benefit of avoiding peak-season travel is that you can witness the true side of the state when the rush is low. For instance, people from across the globe look forward to attending parties here in the months of December and January. A number of carnivals are staged on beaches, where the fun does not seem to stop. The ticket prices on this route are sky high during this festive season. Hence, while designing the itinerary, you can avoid these months, unless you are looking forward to being a part of it. If the latter is the case, the next tip may be your other option.

Special Offers

You can reserve a seat on Mumbai to Goa flights at dirt cheap prices by availing offers. Most of the airlines roll out deals on their anniversary or other big achievement. You can keep looking for them, subscribe to such alerts and grab the opportunity just when it knocks at your door. At times, they also announce promotional offers during the peak travel season to get ahead of the competing service providers in the aviation industry. In addition to this, the emergence of e-commerce has brought a lot of transparency in the booking system, allowing you to get value for money. Most of the online travel portals offer cashback and coupons that can bring down the cost of travelling if you are a frequent flyer.


Both, carriers as well as online travel agencies (OTAs), offer rewards to regular customers, depending on their membership level. In the case of airlines, the levels are decided on the basis of the distance that you travel with them. On the other hand, in case of OTAs it is dependent on the frequency or value of bookings done. These rewards can be in the form of flat discounts or extra services without added cost or privileges. For instance, Air India allows priority check-in as well as boarding for members, belonging to the Silver Edge Club or higher. Similarly Jet Airways Platinum, Silver and Gold members can check-in before other passengers at the airport.

Make sure that you try all these tips to make your Goa trip economical and hassle-free.

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