3 Tips For Making Your Website More User-Friendly

3 Tips For Making Your Website More User-Friendly

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In the Internet age in which we live, businesses can’t survive without a quality and user-friendly website to help either give information about their product or service or sell their items directly. According to Ginny Soskey at HubSpot, 55 percent of the visitors that come to a website will leave after only 15 seconds. That doesn’t give you a lot of time to draw a visitor in. For this reason, having a user-friendly site is of the utmost importance. To help you in this endeavor, here are three easy to remember ways to make your company’s website more user-friendly.

Content is King

Creating quality content is one of the greatest things you can do for your website. If you get someone to come to your site but don’t give them a reason to stay there, you are missing out on an untold amount of opportunities to further your business. Heather Nairn-Rand of Sales Hub gives three reasons why content should be given a high priority when making your website more user-friendly: good content increases traffic to your site, helps you to capture more high-quality leads, and generates social engagement. If you can dedicate time and effort to putting quality content on your website, visitors will be more likely to stay on your pages for a longer period of time because they are finding value in what you’re offering.

Clear and Concise Navigation

A killer for a user-friendly website is having unclear or difficult to follow navigation. The navigation of your website is what allows visitors to find what they are looking for and effectively maneuver around your website. If your navigation doesn’t allow the visitor to go where they want or need, they are very likely to just find what they’re looking for somewhere else. As a rule of thumb, Supple Solutions reminds us that your site navigation should be prominently featured and give clear directions.

Optimize for Mobile Access

Not having your site optimized for mobile users is almost the kiss of death for many websites today. In this infographic created by Smart Insights, you can see that 80 percent of people use smartphones to search online. That means that if 80 percent of your website traffic is coming from mobile searches but they can’t see everything on your site because it’s not mobile-friendly, you’re losing out big time. To make sure your visitors find your site useful regardless of their device, place heavy importance on your site being mobile-friendly as a part of it being user-friendly.

Time is very important to people. If someone feels like you’re wasting their time or taking up more of their time than you should, it’s easy to drop you for something of potentially less quality but more user-friendly. To ensure this doesn’t happen to your website, take all necessary steps to have the most user-friendly website you can.