3 Tips For Preparing For A Family Day At The Beach

3 Tips For Preparing For A Family Day At The Beach

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Everyone loves a day out at the beach, and as we are in the peak of summer, it seems only right to put together a few tips to help you prepare for a family day at the beach! Any day out as a family can be stressful, let alone when the beach is involved. It always seems like so much more stuff is needed for the beach, so we are here to help you get organised so that you can fully enjoy the day with your family without any worries. 

Pack Your Own Bag First 

Before you start to think about all the beach toys, lunches and swimming costumes, get your own bag sorted first. Make sure you have your keys, phone and money, then pack your sanitiser, tissues and a mini first aid kit. It is certainly worth investing in a designer baby changing bag, as they usually have super organised compartments to make it easy to find everything. 

Plus, the quality means it will survive countless days out! Not only this, but they look great, so you can be super organised whilst feeling your best. Once you know that you are all sorted and your bag is in order, you can start juggling the rest of the things you need to take! 

Pre-Make Lunch

The next tip to help you get organised is to pre-make your lunch. When you head to the beach, places usually up their prices when it comes to lunch and the queues are horrendous, especially on a sunny day. So, the best thing to do is to pre-make lunch so you have bits and pieces on hand as soon as your little ones get hungry. Pack everything into a cool bag with ice blocks so it stays cool, along with plenty of water. 

Start with something filling like sandwiches on bread rolls, as these are super easy to make and they are also easy to hold without all the fillings falling out. Then take a big sharer bag of crisps for everyone to pass around, chop up some refreshing pineapple and melon and then a few extra snacks like sausage rolls. 

You have the bulk of the food you will need and then you can buy a few ice creams on the day whilst you are there! This is a fantastic way to save some money, be prepared and also to not have to worry about where lunch is coming from. 

Take Supplies For Shade

When you spend the entire day at the beach in the sun, you need some shade. So, pack a beach umbrella, a wind break or a beach tent, just so there is a small amount of shade if someone needs it. You can rotate throughout the day to make sure everyone isn’t overly exposed to the sun. 

Making sure you have planned this in advance is important, as it will be very difficult to create shade when you are there without these. As with the lunch situation, you are a captured audience for the local shops who will charge a fortune! So, be prepared when it comes to your supplies for shade. 

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! It can be overwhelming trying to prepare for a day at the beach, so hopefully this has given you a few tips about how to make it easier. A final tip for you is to pack as much as possible in the car the night before. In the morning, you should just need to pack the food and your family and you’ll be good to go!