4 Different Types Of Horse Breeds That Serve Different Purposes

4 Different Types Of Horse Breeds That Serve Different Purposes

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Do you have a fascination with horses? For example, you love to ride a horse, you love to use a horse as a transport, as a companion at home, or you love horse racing. Whatever it may be, if you have a separate corner for horses, then probably this blog will be an ideal match for you.

Note: For those who really find no excitement in horses, they must not skip the blog. May be sooner or later, the knowledge regarding horse breeds will help you out.

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For those who love horse riding, have you listed down the horses that are used for this work?

No need to struggle for these answers. Just scroll down below. Here you will learn about different kinds of horse breeds who can serve different purposes.

4 Different Categories Of Horse Breeds Used For Different Purposes

  1. Light horse breeds: Light horse breeds are the most common horse breed category prominently known for horse racing. They are available in multiple styles with versatile characteristics.Light horse breeds are often found with hot blood temperament. They are highly energetic and are really hard to control when they are in a state of excitement. They are featured with lightweight, long legs, skinny but healthy bodies, and have an agile behavior.Some famous light horse breeds are the thoroughbreds, American quarter horse breeds, Standardbreds, Appaloosa, Saddlebreds, and so on. Have you Googled about the most expensive race horse 2017? Probably the horse is one of the above.
  2. Heavy horse breeds: Next comes the heavy horse breeds. These horses, unlike the light weight horses, can carry heavy weight with them. They often weigh around 2000pounds which is the result of larger bones and sturdier legs.Being opposite to the light horse breeds in behavior and characteristics, heavy horse breeds have a calm and cool nature and are widely known for its patience. Heavy horse breeds that are in prominence are like American Cream Draft, Breton, Dutch Draft, Ardennes, Shire, etc.
  3. Ponies: Ponies are the baby horses, smaller in size and so are ideal for kids who have an interest in horse riding. Ponies are frequently used for pulling loads and are also famous in jump racing and riding.Common ponies on the list are like Shetland pony, Icelandic pony, Welsh pony, Hackney pony, etc.
  4. Gaited Horse breeds: Lastly, we have Gaited horse breeds that have highlighted themselves for their versatile gaits. The way they walk is something to adore, something to capture in your heart. Surprisingly, apart from their impressive walk, they can even gallop and run at a good pace.Do you love horse riding? Why don’t you choose them and have a ride? Aegidienberger, Campeiro, Campolina, Spotted Saddle horse, Paso Fino are some familiar gaited horse breeds that you may try out.

Take Away

Are you interested to learn more about horse races? About the most expensive race horse 2017? Find our blog that portrays the variety of horse breeds used in equestrian sport and gain more knowledge.