Foot Problems and Care – What You Need to Know

Foot Problems and Care – What You Need to Know

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Foot problems often have a solution to improvement, no matter the age to be treated. The constancy in the treatments is reflected in their results. Gordon Slater is a trained orthopedic surgeon who specializes in foot surgery, particularly in the treatment of bunions.

Here are some things you should know about different foot problems and the care needed.


Pain in the knees, hips and spine can have their origin in the feet, although they do not hurt.


The best advice for the care of your feet if you do sports is prudence and moderation. Wear the footwear indicated for each sport discipline, paying special attention to the correct choice of size, both in length and width, the American size includes these factors. The key to finding the right shoe is comfort, not price or brand. Do not wait for a shoe adaptation period to start feeling comfortable: you must have it from day one. In the shower wear flip flops to avoid fungal and papilloma infections, if you have fungi and papillomas, remember that both are highly infectious and can infect those who live with you.

In Town

Urban footwear should be comfortable, weigh little, of noble materials and subject to the instep or heel. Avoid flip flops for continued use.


It is beneficial to walk barefoot on beach sand, so it is recommended in a generic way (except for diabetic people) to strengthen all the intrinsic and extrinsic foot muscles and improve circulation.


If you have recent scars, defend yourself from the sun with high-protection sun creams so that they do not suffer pigmentation variations.