4 Main Activities Pillars for a Man to Look Great

4 mins read

You feel like you’ve done everything in order to burn the fat, feed the muscle tissue you’ve always wanted. But the truth is that you have no idea what you’re after. You would like to be muscular, but not overweight. Your personal trainer can not teach you anything if you don’t know what you’re after. You must decide if you want to develop muscles or lose weight because the two concepts are different. Trying to lose extra pounds will not necessarily strengthen your muscles if you don’t do it right.

When you decide to enrol into a burn the fat feed the muscle program, you must first make sure you know your objectives well:

1. Weight loss

If you are a beginner, make first a training program with a constant flow of 10 exercises executed one after the other. You can take small brakes between series and then repeat the series again, for a few times.

A good idea is to try and make at least 2 exercises for each muscle group, like arm muscles and abdomen muscles. Here is a list of the best exercises you can do to achieve the great body and maintain health.

2. Feeding the muscle

When trying to feed muscles, you should consider a different type of exercises, with about 8 repetitions per series. You can do them in a classic way, meaning you make a series, you rest for about 60 seconds, and then make a new series and so on until you’ve done your sets and are ready for the next exercise.

Experienced men can try to make a superset. You can pair exercises with synergic effects: two moves that address the same muscular group. Usually, the first exercise will include a composed move which will imply more muscles, and the second one will be an exercise that will insolate a sole muscular group. You can choose to find a helping program like burn the fat book to assist you with your exercises.

3. Have nourishing social interactions

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you enjoy it. The same applies to your relationship with people. You have a wife and 3 kids, great! You are single, dating different women on Tinder from time to time? Great too! You are single and not really dating but hang out with friends and work on your career? Nothing wrong about that! Except for the fact that satisfying sex from time to time would have been nice 😉

The quality of our relationship with other people gives us inspiration and joy. The most valuable the connection is the more inner peace and happiness we receive, which shine to all spheres of life.

4. Becoming strong

There is no unknown secret here: only heavyweights, few repetitions (3-5 of each series). In these cases, the pauses between series will be longer, of about 3 to 4 minutes.

It doesn’t mean that all exercises made must be like this. You could choose for a combined exercise type, that uses both small and heavy fitness weights, and alternate them. The fewer solicitant exercises will require smaller breaks between them, just like in the above situations.