Why Vertical Jumps Are Important for Basketball Players?

4 mins read

Many basketball players want to accurately increase their vertical leap to allow them to touch the basket. Michael Jordan are able to reach 48 inches or 4 feet, followed by Jason Richardson, James White and Spudd Webb at 46 inches. Although it’s not measured, it’s believed that Kadour Ziani was able to reach 60 inches. Stamina, strength and speed are hallmarks of any successful athletes and it is a good idea to learn how to achieve this. Exceptional vertical leap can be achieved through speed and movement. We should concentrate on one straightforward task, that it to lift our entire body as high as possible into the air. In order to jump as high as possible, we need to know our current leaping ability. We can measure our vertical leap by standing with one shoulder to wall. We need to be flat-footed on the hard concrete surface or gym floor. The next step is to extend the arm closest to the wall fully. Mark the wall where the tip of the finger touches the wall. Then, we should take a few standing jumps without run-up. By taking several jumps, we should be able to estimate the highest point where our fingers touch the wall. In this case, we should be able to measure the different between the higher and the lower marks.

The distance between both marks are our vertical jump. It’s only common sense and quite easy to measure. Another way to measure vertical jump is by using infrared laser. This requires a special tool and when the hand of athlete’s breaks multiple beams of laser with different heights, the distance is measured automatically. The second method is more accurate than the first. For basketball players, high vertical jump is a key to their success. Regardless of what method we choose, the most important ingredient in achieving excellent vertical jump is by having enough discipline. We may choose methods and programs that can help us to increase performance. One method is probably good for one player, but not as effective for other players. We may need to try different methods, if one method is no longer able to provide results after initial increases. In this case, we need to find a method that we like most and can provide the best results. The failure to progress and improve ourselves may result in long-term stagnation. We should know about the possible reasons for our failures. In this case, we should do enough exercises on regular basis.

The method should be based on common sense and with some amount of dedication and hard work, we should be able to achieve real results. We need to take action and make this our day. We shouldn’t delay and start our training immediately. We should start to see some improvements in our vertical jump. Obviously, being able to jump at great height isn’t enough. It’s only a tool that allows players to reach their goals. The next step is to know how to properly dunk the ball to the basket like a pro.