5 Creative Ways To Save Money and Stay Out Of Debt This Holiday Season

5 Creative Ways To Save Money and Stay Out Of Debt This Holiday Season

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The Christmas season is almost upon us and with it comes the spirit of giving. Research indicates that the average American spends around $800 only on the Christmas gifts. Add to it the other expenses such as those on decorations and food, and you will see an entire paycheck rolling away.

Despite the expenditures that come with it, people love and fully indulge in the holiday spirit. More often than not, it desensitizes them towards their expenses. While it is only reasonable to want an exceptional Christmas for one’s family, you should not upset the balance to the point of getting yourself into massive debt. For that, you need to realize that spending money is not the only way to be happy on the Christmas’ eve.

Reigning in your habit of squandering money on Christmas is not only rewarding but is also not very difficult. Here are 5 creative ways in which you can stay out of debt this holiday shopping season:

1.      Set a Budget and Work with a Plan

Check your savings and make an estimate of how much amount you can spend this Christmas. Make a list of people you will be giving presents to and do a rough calculation of how much you should spend on each person. Then stick to the budget.

Similarly, take into account other expenditures such as travelling, restaurants, lodgings, and parties. Compare the estimate with your budget and if you are exceeding it, make adjustments accordingly. You might have to opt out of a few expenses, but in the long run, it will be worth it.

2.      Creativity over Pricey Presents

Surprisingly, a huge number of people prefer gifts that have sentimental value over the pricey OTC gift items. You can design a gift for them for them instead of buying one. For example, give them a making-life-easier-for-you-coupon that can allow them to avail any service from you such as cooking a meal, babysitting their child, or even cleaning their car.

3.      Potluck Meal

Instead of you hosting the party entirely on your expenditure, you can suggest a potluck meal. While you can still provide the main dish, encourage others to bring different recipes to share. This will not only release you from the financial burden but will also help expand the menu bringing variety to your table.

4.      Make the Most of Black Friday 2017 deals

When to comes to Christmas shopping, the name of Black Friday is always uttered too. You can take advantage of this big day by shopping wisely. While it is only natural for you to be excited when they shout “80% off on all items” in your ears, a lot of these deals are nothing but a hoax. Some retailers increase the original prices and then put deals on it making the discount look bigger than they actually are. Others even sell substandard products at cheap rates, which are not worth your money.

Therefore, when you go out shopping on 2017 black friday sales, make sure it is a real deal you are getting and not an empty bargain.

5.      Save Money by Shopping Online

Another great way to save money on your holiday shopping is to do it online. Not only does it keep you away from all the hassle of traffic and crowds, but you also get to compare prices from different brands and retailers. However, to save money, make sure you place your order in time. Waiting for the last minute to confirm your order can act against your money-saving game. You will probably end up paying a premium for quicker delivery.

Other ways to save money on your holiday shopping is to connect with the retailers you most often shop with on social media to get extra discounts and offers, book your flights with points if you have any or keep a look out for fight discounts, and make use of coupons for instant discounts.

Use these tips to creatively save money this holiday season without missing out on the fun!