5 Incredible Apps To Download For Earning A Few Extra Bucks!

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Applications have always been making their presence to solve the inconveniences that people are facing in this generation. The technical world is flooding with contemporary apps that are seeing the limelight with each passing of days. With application development ios and android operating systems, the popularity of the developers are increasing at an enormous rate. This motivates them to create unique apps with the knowledge and technical expertise.

5 Incredible Apps To Download For Earning A Few Extra Bucks!

You have app for each and everything and now you can even earn through these amazing apps that the application development ios and android have laid out for the common man. Yes, you can make money by downloading the applications and completing the tasks that have been assigned to you. So which are those applications? Let me introduce a few of these apps so that it will help you in earning the little extras.

A list of few applications that perfectly show you how to earn money with just a few clicks here and there.


This app can be downloaded on both iOS and android powered devices.

So how to go about with this app? Download this application, thereafter you can begin accepting gigs that will help you in earning the money that you deserve. One gets paid through PayPal. The task that you are required to do demands sometimes 5 mins or sometimes hours to complete a given task and the choice completely vests upon you. There might be tasks such as taking photos of a store, going for a mysterious shopping and so on.


It is all about visiting, purchasing and scanning that brings in money using this application. Download this application and start collecting reward points for the task that you have taken to accomplish. You will be entitled to gift cards of some of the famous stores like Starbucks, Target and Gamestop. This application can be downloaded by android as well as ios powered devices.


The app can be accessed on all the iOS as well as android powered devices. What you need to do is take photos and share them on this application along with a tagline or some words that describe what you think about the picture. You get paid for the photos that you share through PayPal.


Surveys on the Go is a great app that rewards you for every survey that you ardently complete. This app encourages you to take surveys and accordingly get paid for a number of surveys taken that you get through notification. There comes a time when your account shows an amount of $10 after which you are entitled to cash out the money through PayPal.


Are you the lazy lump who decides to stay fit but cannot keep on the promise of going to the gym on a regular basis. Well, we have a great app for you where you remain fit as well as wealthy enough. What you need to do is download the app in an ios powered phone or an android powered phone. This app pays every time you hit the gyms and charges you for the days when you do not go to the gym.