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5 Intriguing iPhone X Tips to Every Apple User Should Familiarize with

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If you recently thought to purchase the latest iPhone X then good choice! The iPhone X is towering over the iPhone 8 and 8 plus owing to its high tech features and sleek modern look. In short, this phone will give you excellent value for money.

However, are you worried that investing heavy dollars on the phone is risky? After all, the phone is a tech gadget and that means it might malfunction. Well even if it does do not worry! Although with proper care a fault is unlikely, any issue can be solved if you buy spare parts. The best part is many reputed Apple iPhone parts suppliers in the globe provide genuine spare parts in wholesale.

Any how keeping that aside, if you’re into photography, high tech features, and quality then get yourself an iPhone X today. One thing to keep in mind, however, is the iPhone X is quite visceral. Yet, some features are not so obvious.

So, to get the best experience of using the iPhone X, here are 5 Tips any beginner can use!

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  1. Side Button for Bill Payment

Tired of carrying around your credit and debit card? No issues! You can pay bills using Apple Pay and the process is ‘oh so simple’! Just double-tap the side button situated on the device’s right. It’ll open Apple Pay and make work convenient for you.

  1. Push Down Side Button and Awaken Siri

Voice chat and voice assistants have become a thing of fashion. Today most users use the assistance of Siri, Alexa or others for search inquiries and more. So, if you fall in the category that likes to use the assistance of Siri then all you need to do is press down on your iPhone X’s side button to awaken her.

  1. Swipe Right-Left for App Switching

Opened too many apps and turning these off seems like too much work? Well, with your iPhone X all you need to do is swipe right and left and you can effortlessly switch between opened applications.

  1. Access Control Center by Swiping “Right Ear”

Often users seem to lose patience trying to access the control centre with ease. This is common both in case of Android and iOS users. However, with the Apple iPhone X, the process is quite simple. All you require doing is from the topmost section of your phone, (basically, it’s “Right Ear”, swipe down to access the control centre.

  1. Access Notification Center by Swiping “Left Ear”

When your phone is in standby and you wish to access the notification bar with ease your Apple iPhone X can help. All you require to do is the opposite of what you did to access the control centre. Simply from your phone’s topmost left corner (the “Left Ear”) swipe down and you’ll find the notification centre.

Moving on,

Now, that you know of the 5 iPhone X tips you can easily become the master of the iPhone X with ease. Just remember not to be careless with the device! In case of any issues, it is best to stock up with spare iPhone parts for genuine companies for optimal functioning of your phone.