5 Leather Office Accessories That Are Unisex in Nature

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Are you thinking of gifting your employees a few corporate essentials for Thanksgiving? Well, that is a productive gesture indeed!

Corporate gifting is important for maintaining the morale of employees. What’s more? It is like an acknowledgement letter from a company to an employee. This is why it is crucial to gift employees occasionally to motivate them and propel them to work better.

Additionally, Thanksgiving is all about doing subtle gestures for friends, family and work. So, it is the best time to pick those authentic leather accessories for your workforce.

Now, you might wonder why specifically leather?

Well, for starters leather is a unisex fabric. Not to mention, it looks good on both men, women, transgender, queer and more. Additionally, leather is long-lasting, durable and requires less maintenance too.

Furthermore, leather goes back for many decades. Even before the fashion industry started realizing the potential of this material, ancient people made all sorts of garments with leather. This is why picking leather for a corporate place is ideal.

It looks and possesses an old-world charm, and yet bears a sign of minimalism. Thus, flaunting products like custom leather photo albums at works eludes a charming and professional vibe.

On this note,

5 Leather accessories which are Unisex 

  1. Leather Scrapbooks

Leather scrapbooks are ideal for both men and women. Why? Because these double up as catalogues, which are ideal for projecting one’s creative works. For example, your employee is a part-time artist and has a knack for painting.

So, if he/she can feature their best works in any leather scrapbook that will heighten their aesthetic sense in front of potential clients.

Further, leather scrapbooks can double up as a photo album too! Your employees can paste their favourite home or office memoirs in this scrapbooks and decorate it any way they like.

  1. Leather Journals 

After a certain age, leather journals are ideal for both men and women. These look old-school, come embossed and elude a rustic charm. What’s more? One can use a leather journal for a variety of purposes at work.

Moreover, this leather album will look professional, sophisticated and add to one’s style quotient at work. Now, coming to the utility of leather albums, these can be used for –

  • Jotting down daily/monthly to-do-lists.
  • Writing down one’s thoughts.
  • Writing about day-to-day events.
  • Making a regular budget list.
  • Using the diary as a stressbusters

  1. Leather Watch Holders

Another unique present to pick for your working staff is leather watch holders. Watch holders are unisex and can effectively safeguard a watch from being pickpocketed and damaged. What’s more?

If you were to pick a leather watch holder, which features a thickness of around 1.3-1.5 mm, chances are your employees’ watches will be protected from any form of mechanical damage. Also, you can customize these watch holders too!

How? Well, many corporate stores offer the option of buying a gift, which is customized. This means you can personalize your leather watch holder and imprint your company logo on the gifts. This will make the watch holder look authentic and singular.

What’s new? Your employees will love flaunting the logo, as a sense of pride. This will also lead to indirect word of mouth marketing for your brand.

  1. Leather Backpack 

Carrying overtly fancy bags to the office does not always reflect professionalism. However, to maintain a classy image people must accessorize themselves accordingly. Hence, the only fabric that fits the image of class and style at the same time is leather.

What’s more? Leather being unisex can be used for bags, wallets and more. This is why a leather backpack is a valuable choice for a gift. What’s more? These have numerous pockets and can support a wide range of products.

Additionally, as leather is durable, carrying things like laptops and other accessories are easier in leather backpacks.

  1. Portfolio 

Last but not least, another ideal present to pick for your workforce is a leather customized portfolio. These are professional, can highlight an individual’s best points, and are vital assets for reflecting one’s resume.

What’s more? Online gift shops offer customized designer leather portfolio for women and men, which look so classy that one’s resume looks aesthetically appealing.

Well, now that you’re aware of the 5 ideal unisex leather presents to pick from, hurry and find the ideal

 corporate shop today. You can check online credentials and testimonials for picking the best shop! Happy Shopping!