5 Most Essential Components Of Drug Detox

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Drug addiction can be a serious problem to the health and life of the person who is being affected. Thankfully, there are various rehabilitation programs under medical supervision to detox the person and make him/her live a healthy and addiction free life once again. This post discusses five most essential components of a drug detox program. Keep reading-

Heroin detox centers in Tucson and around this place have designed various programs which aim to detox the person from the effects of the drugs on the body. The programs are designed keeping in mind the need for personal space required by the individual. The programs follow an integrative approach when it comes to treating an individual over a period of 5-10 days. The programs are conducted by licensed physicians and therapists. This way, the most comfortable way to detoxify the person is determined with the medical and therapeutic expertise.

5 Most Essential Components Of Drug Detox

There are five essential components of the reliable drug, alcohol and heroin detox centers in Tucson and other places-

Pre-Admission Assessment

A pre-admission assessment will help the physicians to determine what kind of treatment should be given to you. This assessment will require personal information as to the kind of detox you are looking for. Once this has been determined, it is easier for the physicians and the therapists to design the treatment for different individuals.

Individual Evaluation

A medical and naturopathic evaluation is done with a few tests, which may include blood tests, if necessary. This helps to determine the medical fitness of different individuals. It is necessary since the medical status and fitness of the individuals will decide which supplementary medication should be prescribed to the individuals and will also help to fix the degree of the detox program.

Involvement of Experts

5 Most Essential Components Of Drug Detox

The detox programs are determined with the help of medical doctors and therapists who have considerable experience in designing and implementing detox programs according to individual needs. The supervision of experts helps in the proper execution of the detox program. The need for supervision is to identify, plan or change the course of the detox program if necessary. A detox program may need to be tweaked or changed slightly depending on how a patient is responding. Hence, it is very important that experts are always updated with the status of the patient’s progress.


Medication is a vital part of the detox programs. Certain medicinal treatments are advised and given to individuals after determining their individual needs and medical fitness. This medication comprises of doses of Vitamin IV – which includes high doses of magnesium, calcium, zinc and other types of vitamins which are given according to specific needs. Oral vitamin therapy is also prescribed and involves powders, pills, and/or drops to make the detox more effective.

Naturopathic Intervention

Apart from medications, naturopathic treatments also play an important role in affectivity of the detox program. Sauna and massage sessions help in speeding the detoxification process and other dietary changes ensure the patient gets strength to fight the addiction.

The detox care given at centers is a combination of medical and naturopathic treatment. The programs have a high rate of success. Make sure you choose a detox center that has these five essential components in their detox program.