5 Most Loved Sports In The World

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Indulging in sports can be an extremely enthralling activity, allowing you stay fit, both physically and mentally. Many people due to their hectic routines or laziness are not able to take part in sports; however, there is no dearth of fans in the world, passionately following their favorite teams and games. Let me take you through my list of 5 most loved sports in the world:


5 – Hockey

An exciting sport, field hockey is quite popular in various parts of the world, having millions of fans. Netherlands, Australia, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Pakistan, South Korea and India are known to be the most popular teams. In Pakistan and India, hockey is a national game. Most of us prefer this sport, as a game of hockey finishes within a couple of hours, including breaks. Field hockey has been an integral part of Olympics for many decades.

4 – Motorsports

Over the years, auto racing has evolved incredibly and is organized around the world in different forms, including Formula 1, drag racing, motorcycle racing, etc. Car lovers intensely keep a track of their favorite teams’ and drivers’ performances. Ferrari, Mercedes, Lotus, Red Bull and McLaren are some of the celebrated F1 teams.

3 – Tennis

Tennis is an individual and quite expensive sport, which is the reason why developing and under-developed countries struggle to produce high-quality Tennis players, who can win Grand Slams. However, the sport is still loved and followed by masses. Men’s and ladies’ tennis are equally popular. The biggest event in this regard is Wimbledon , which is followed by billions of people around the globe. Looking to get more information on popular sports, read more.

2 – Cricket

An extremely technical game, a layman takes a long time to get deep understanding of cricket. However, it has gained immense popularity since the inception of limited-overs cricket in 1970s that also led to day/night fixtures and colored kits. Cricket, without a shadow of doubt, is the most popular sport in South Asia, where almost half of the world’s population lives. Apart from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, the game is loved and followed keenly in Australia, South Africa and England, which is regarded as the home of cricket. This bat and ball game has three different formats, which makes it unique. Cricket is rapidly getting popular in many other countries like Ireland, Nepal, Afghanistan, China and Netherlands.

1 – Football

Football is surely the most played, loved and followed sport of the world, having billions of fans spread in every single country. This ball game requires a great level of physical fitness and tests the strength of a player’s character. The best part about Football is, it is quite an economical sport to practice and as a result it caters to all segments of a society. Brazil and Argentine have history of producing some iconic footballers. Football world cups are keenly followed but the real popularity of the game lies in club championships, with English Premier League as one of the most followed events.