5 Reasons You Should Hire a Certified Locksmith

5 mins read

Mishaps and accidents involving key happen to everyone at least once in their lifetime. It doesn’t matter what it is – either they lock their keys in the car, or forget their apartment keys in the cab or train, it will catch them unprepared. Regardless of how simple or difficult problem is, you will feel silly and helpless, and the first thing you will do is to reach for your phone, hoping that have a locksmith’s number. And what kind of locksmith you expect to come? Certainly someone reliable and quick, who will make as little damage as possible to your doors. Let’s check all the things you should know when hiring a locksmith:

Certified locksmiths trained professionals

Unfortunately, anyone who uses the internet and who has proper tools can call themselves a locksmith today. When you call them, usually a confused guy with a crowbar will show up and tear your doors down, actually having the audacity to ask you for money, as if he did you a favor with the job like that. You will pay in disbelief, thinking about how you could have done the same. The truth is, there are thousands of types of locks and each problem has a special tool to be dealt with. Real locksmiths are trained to treat different locks with the same care, thus making as little damage as possible.

Hire locksmiths with more experience

Unlike amateurs, professional locksmiths have already faced many different scenarios and are probably able to come up with a solution for every possible problem they will encounter. Not only have they dealt with some serious problems, but they also have a deeper knowledge of newer locks and security systems. These are the foundations of their work and they make sure they stay on top of things. They could also give you advice concerning potential problems of your security system and offer ways to update or improve it. An experienced locksmith can not only repair the damage, but also install a new system, and give you instructions on how to take care of your keys.

A good locksmith has recent equipment

Buying a locksmith tool kit on sale in Wal-Mart doesn’t make you a locksmith. There’s a long list of professional locksmiths’ tools you haven’t even heard of. Using inappropriate tools could seriously damage your door, and clumsy or too enthusiastic repairs will certainly harm your lock in the long run. Quality tools in hands of professionals will provide high quality service, and you’ll keep the good look and of both your locks and your doors for a long time.

Reputation above everything else

When choosing a locksmith online, you should be able to check-up everything that might interest you on their home page. This includes ratings, customer reviews, and their emergency phone number. As professionals from Res-Q Locksmiths state: ”It’s our mission to provide excellence in customer service and workmanship”, and this should be applicable to all services you might require from a locksmith. When hiring a locksmith, keep in mind that every employee is insured, which is very important in case of unpredictable injury on duty (this is something that often happens, unfortunately). If this happens on your property, you will be protected by law against liability.

Always reachable and available

Two of the most important characteristics of a good emergency locksmith are easily accessible emergency phone line and quick appearance on the scene of an accident. There’s no use in having plenty of knowledge and years of experience if you are not able to react fast and show up exactly where and when you are needed the most. This is why many certified locksmith companies have their phone numbers available 24/7.

Even though lock and key accidents can be frustrating and your first instinct might be to take the matter into your hands, you shouldn’t do that because you will probably end up with an even bigger problem than before. You want to damage neither the lock nor the door, and for this scenario to happen, you should always rely on professionals.