Difference Between Plastic Cake Stand and Stainless Steel Cake Stand

4 mins read

Cake stands are in vogue. If you browse through the house keeping magazines, then you will see that the cake stands are immensely in vogue and being recommended as a must have for all home owners and party throwers. There are various kinds of cake stands that are available both on an online as well as offline platform. Since the party season is about to start and if you are wondering which one to pick up for your high tea then keep reading on!

Broadly, there are 2 kinds of cake stands that are available in the market. One is a plastic cake stand and one is a stainless steel cake stand. Each is unique in its own way and here are a few differences amongst them that you can keep in mind while choosing the perfect one for you-

Parisian Effect: Pastries are an integral part of French cuisine. There is something extremely delicate about French cakes, muffins, cupcakes, crème brulee and so on. In short French cakes are known to be extremely delicate and pretty. The plastic cake stands are intricate and have latticework that is very feminine and awe-inspiring thus they compliment the French cakes. This is something that is not there in case of a stainless steel cake stand.

Light Weight: As compared to the stainless steel cake stand available online in India, the plastic ones are light weight. The plastic ones can be easily carried from one place to another. Also, since these are center pieces that adorn the glass table tops, the plastic ones have an edge over the stainless steel cake stands. The plastic one’s do not scratch the glass top and damage the glass like the other variety.

Tier cake Stands: Tier cake stands look very pretty and are known to be decorative in nature. With a tier cake stand you can use every tier to place different kinds of cakes and muffins. These tier cake stands available online in India are generally made of plastic and not stainless steel.

Pastel colors available – Cake stands with laced edges look pretty and can enhance the look of your table filled with food in an instant. Most of these laced edge cake stands are made with plastic and not stainless steel. Also, these plastic ones are available in a plethora of candy floss colors and pastel shades that will make you fall in love with them while these colour shades are not possible in stainless steel cake stands.

Sturdy cake Stands: If you are looking for a sturdy option that will withstand the test of time and be your party stopper in years to come then opt for a stainless steel option as it is sturdier than the plastic option. Stainless steel cake stands are perfect for long term use and provide the perfect options if you are looking for regular usage and low maintenance.

Pick the cake stand that you think works best for you!