5 Things You Must Know Before You Go For Climbing Aconcagua

4 mins read

Mountain climbing is one of the fast growing sport activities in recent times. In the era of artificial intelligence, everything is being done by machines. So, with having no activity to keep our body fit and physically sound, people are choosing climbing as a physical activity.

Aconcagua is the highest mountain in both western and southern hemispheres. Having a height of 22,837 feet, it is considered among the second-highest of the seven summits. Every year the mountain receives a huge number of people coming for Climbing Aconcagua.

There are types of climbing for you to choose. Such as rock climbing, indoor climbing, mountain climbing, etc. If you want to experience the real adventure of climbing, then climbing high altitude like Aconcagua would be the best to choose.

But before you go for climbing there are a few things you need to know. Let’s jump into that.

  1. Be prepare for the dangers

You are climbing the mountain not to have picnics over there. There are life-threatening dangers awaiting you. Even a trivial mistake can cost your life. So, always be prepared with your gear, food, and water. Some of the common circumstances can be as follows,

  • Broken rocks can fall from the above height.
  • Bad weather condition including heavy rain, lightning, flooding, and avalanches.
  • Physical injuries such as broken leg, hand or any part of the body.
  1. Take a guide with you for the first time

If you going to Climb Aconcagua for the first time, then it is best to take a guide with you. An experienced climber can easily pass on his knowledge to you. By listening to any lecture or reading a book on climbing won’t help you to climb better. But a guided climber will give you field knowledge which in a way will be beneficial.

  1. Pick the easiest destination for your first climb

Don’t go on a rough mountain in your first try. Even if you hit the gym hard, still you may not able to climb on a real mountain. So, climbing the easier ones will help you understand the nature of the mountain. Get used to these easy mountains before you hand into the tough ones.

  1. Climb different levels

Don’t restrict yourself in one of the levels of climbing. As soon as you finish your level one, get yourself ready for another level. By climbing different levels, you will get yourself adapt much faster.

  1. Practice falling

In the mountains, the art of falling will decide how safe you are. Learn to master the art of falling. If you think you can try it in your gym, then you are building castle in the air. It’s better to learn falling and how to protect yourself simultaneously.


Climbing will enrich your experience and make you a skilled person on every level. There are organizations which conduct guided Climb Aconcagua. You will get the chance to experience climbing with experienced mountaineers. This will also reduce the chance of you being injured.