5 Ways to Grow your Sales using your Lead Management System.

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We all have come across situations where we find it difficult to manage contacts and lead. This makes overall lead management chaotic and creates space for missing more number of leads. Organizing leads is an art and with the right tools, you can certainly manage them without missing a single lead.

Tools like a lead management system or CRM can help you not just to organize data but can manage your entire sales process. Right from nurturing leads to deal closure, everything can be managed under one platform. Here are top 5 ways in which you can win more deals using a lead management system:-

1] Gather all lead automatically without data entry-

Without a proper platform, it is highly impossible to manage leads and there comes manual entry in the picture. Using Spreadsheets or CRM without Automation, data entry becomes a routine activity which consumes most of the productive time of the sales team.

You can help them by automating the complete lead gathering process. Lead management systems can easily integrate with all the channels of your lead generation. It can integrate with website, social media, email inquiries etc and fetch all leads in CRM automatically. The time saved can be productively used by the sales team in converting more leads into deals.

2] Nurture leads:-

Sale grows when leads are nurtured when relations are built. Using lead management system can help you manage all your email communication within the system. The lead management system can send bulk emails to all your contacts and you can also send a series of bulk emails. You can design your custom email template. These emails can also be tracked so you know who has opened emails and plan your next strategy based on these insights.

3] Automate follow-up and task management:-

For the sales team to stay in touch with all the contacts, they need reminders. This reminder process can also be managed with a lead management system. There are some CRM’s that send you automated follow-up reminders after a particular time period or you can also set few rules to automatically create a task.

For example:-  There are some business processes where the sales team needs a task to be created right when the lead is created.

This can be done automatically with the help of auto CRM.  Just set rules in a few clicks and you are set to go.

4] Distributing leads within the team:-

Sales managers are the most troubled people when it comes to distributing leads manually. Most of sales managers energy is invested in this activity. As the lead management system automatically fetched leads from different sources, it can also distribute leads within the team without manual intervention. Sales managers can the keep a track of sales teams performance than on manually updating the CRM.

5] Customizing the entire account:-

Your business process will certainly not be similar to some other business process.  So how can your business fit in one kind of CRM which is designed considering all business process have common requirements? Look for a CRM that can be customized without depending on a developer to do it for you.

A custom CRM will always save a great amount of your sales team time which would otherwise be invested more in data mining.

Key Takeaways:-

The lesser the time spent by sales team on updating CRM or other tools, more is their sales productivity.


Abhishek Agrawal is the Founder & CEO at CompanyHub CRM. A technology lover and a writer who loves to give simple solutions on making sales teams lives easier. You can get in touch with him on Linkedin