6 Best Things To Do In Iceland

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Most people don’t know the things that they can do in Iceland since the country is frequented by Europeans. The Island is a real visual treat if you are considering a trip to the place. A place with a lot of geological activity like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and geysers, Iceland has a lot going on every single day.

Here are the 6 things that you must do in Iceland.

  1. Visit ‘The Blue Lagoon’

6 Best Things To Do In IcelandA pricey attraction but one that is totally worth visiting is The Blue Lagoon. You will have the opportunity to bathe in a geothermal pool that is naturally heated from 6,500 feet below Earth. Get a massage by a hot and powerful waterfall and clean yourself with the mineral rich silica mud.

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  1. Check out the Northern Lights

6 Best Things To Do In IcelandNorthern Lights is a spectacle that can be witnessed during the winter in Iceland. It is a phenomenon that happens when the gaseous particles in the air collide with charged particles that get released from the atmosphere of sun.

This is one spectacular sight that must be seen once in a lifetime. Though Northern Lights can be seen throughout the entire hemisphere, travelers and tourists flock to Iceland, Alaska and Norway to have a perfect sight of it.

  1. Ride around Reykjavik

6 Best Things To Do In IcelandThe largest city in Iceland has two-thirds of the entire population in it. Reykjavik is a unique cultural place where people from all over the world come together and have a good time. There are parties happening around the clock, great museums to visit and a whole lot of fun activities to indulge and enjoy.

The sea creatures you see in this place are odd and captivating at the same time. This city is one of the most expensive places to live in the world. Uber coupons give you discounts like free rides and half-price rides on a trip around the beautiful city.

  1. Be stunned by the Kirkjufell Mountain

6 Best Things To Do In IcelandA famous mountain for a lot of photographers, Kirkjufell should never be missed at any cost. The awe-inspiring mountain is just fantastic to look at. Take a DSLR along with you to capture some epic shots. The nearby waterfalls and the surrounding landscape will captivate and hold you for a while.

Snap out of it and enjoy the picturesque setting of the place which is breathtaking in every way. Another stunning part about the mountain is that it looks different during different times of the day.

  1. Take a hike into Skaftafell Ice Cave

6 Best Things To Do In IcelandThe hike into Skaftafell Ice Cave will remain etched in your memory for long. The place is inside Vatnajokull National Park and is a beautiful place to explore for adventure travelers. There are tour guides available with good knowledge about the place and can help you have a wonderful trip.

It is safe to go during the winter since the ice does not melt and it guarantees the safety of the hiker and the tourist guide.

  1. Enjoy the view at the top of Hallgrimskirkja

6 Best Things To Do In IcelandHallgrimskirkja is a unique church that is situated in the middle of the big city of Reykjavik. The tallest building in the whole of the city, the panoramic view from the top of it is breathtaking. You will completely fall in love with Iceland with one beautiful view from the top of this church.

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