What to Expect While Ordering a Goan Thali

Indian food, like the country itself, is known for unity in diversity. A great testimony to this is the Indian ‘thali’. Literally meaning a plate on which food is served, a ‘thali’ in India means a grand and elaborate food affair, which includes a…

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Relive The Lavish Lifestyles Of Indian Kings

One of the first things that strike first time visitors to India is the formality with which we conduct our lives. This is understandable, because we have been an aristocratic society since ancient times, ruled by kings and queens (maharaja and maharani in Hindi)…

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Hotel Booking Faqs

Booking a hotel sounds easy as long as you don’t get into doing it yourself.  The innumerable deals, promotions and packages make the whole process all the more complicated. To  do hotel bookings wisely, it is best to rely on a good travel site…

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