6 weapons To Test The Credibility Of Your AngularJS Powered Website!

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What happens when our car breaks down? We call a mechanic to fix the problem so that the automobile gets its life back. A mechanic never walks without the necessary tools and equipment. Wrenchers, ratchets, sockets, screwdrivers, pliers, breaker bar and extension bars are some of the basic tools that each and every mechanic is expected to carry along with him. He cannot use the breaker bar to remove the screws, he needs to use the screwdrivers for removing the screws. Each and every tool has its own significance and the person who is deemed to use those tools should have an idepth knowledge about them so that the work can be carried out quite efficiently.

6 weapons To Test The Credibility Of Your AngularJS Powered Website!

In the world of web development, we have the developers who generously contribute to the development of a website. Now to develop websites you need to have the right platform accompanied by the right tools. One such platform is the angularJS frame work of Javascript that is extensively used by web developers to develop websites. ‘Websites must look good from the inside as well as from the outside’ – a quote said by Paul Cookson, emphasis the importance of bugs and how to remove them so that the world could witness a smooth functioning websites without any disturbances. The market has a variety of tools on its platter when it comes to testing and debugging purposes. Let us explore some of the best testing and debugging tools for AngularJS powered websites.

Top 6 Testing and Debugging Tools

Have a look at the top 6 tools, that would prove to be beneficial for the AngularJS developers in not only detecting flaws but also in giving a solution to create a great application.


An exceptional test runner built for AngularJS which can also be used for other Javascript frameworks. Unit testing, midway testing, and E2E testing are the three basic types of testing supported by Karma. How does Karma work ? The browsers that you list in the configuration file is accessed by this tool. Moreover, it communicates with the active browser by socket.io and also seeks the user’s opinion whether to run the test or not.


Jasmine, a Behavior Driven Development (BDD) Framework, is created for the Javascript users which could also be used for Test Driven Development (TDD) by customising it a little. The main purpose of the tool is to provide a structure for your testing process. It discloses all the unhandled codes after inspecting all your Javascript classes and functions. When combined with karma (testing tool), Jasmine manages to eliminate its shortcomings and proves to be the perfect package for testing.


MochaJS, an adopted feature-rich Javascript test framework, runs entirely on node.js. It makes asynchronous testing attractive and compelling. One needs to set up an appropriate library like sinon.js. for using spy framework under the guidance of Mocha. Moreover, angularJS developers need to configure a framework like Chai in order to use assertion framework.


One of the most dynamic testing tools created by the Angular team, Protactor is the combination of some of the great technologies like NodeJS, Selenium, webdriver, Mocha, Cucumber and Jasmine. It is an automated end to end Angular testing tool that eases out the testing process.

Angular Batarang:

Angular Batarang, a great testing tool that is a Chrome extension for debugging Angular applications. The tool helps in scrutinising the application that has been laid down for testing and modestly shows the result in three different tabs that depicts the model, performance and dependency.


A chrome and safari browser extension that ardently scrutinizes your application to understand and find out the flaws. The developer can witness the scope and model being updated on an immediate basis.