7 Countries In The World To Travel For Food

7 Countries In The World To Travel For Food

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There are types of travelers in the world, some travel for fun and adventure, some travel due to their profession and then there are people who travel just to taste some of the best food items from around the world. Some people have their priorities straight for food and this blog is dedicated to all such food junkies. Here’s a list of top 10 countries in the world you should visit if you travel around the world or are planning to travel around the world in search of some unusual and lip-smacking food.

7 Countries In The World To Travel For Food


This place is a hidden gem for all you foodies. Food from vietnam as special as this place and avery delicacy has a certain flavor of its own. Most commonly the food items from vietnam include an essence of shrimp paste, thai basil, different herbs, fish sauce and all the other lip smacking ingredients.


Greece is already on the bucket list of most of the travelers due to several reasons but food items served at this place too are exceptional. You can try on a lot of things in Greece including hot dishes, salads, soups and a homemade delicacy known as moussaka.


Italian cuisine has already reached different destinations in the world but, no country serves italian food items as tasty as the italians themselves. Italian food is majorly colourful, you can always spot a combination of red, green and yellow in most italian food items.


The majority of population in pakistan is muslim and therefore, they do not concentrate much on vegetarian or alcoholic food items. You can find some of the best beef, chicken and mutton dishes in various parts of the country. Certain desserts like shahi tukda are sure to give you all those royal feels.


There is a lot more to japanese cuisine than just sushi, there are multiple delicacies that can make you fall in love with the flavours of country. Sake and yakitori beer are the two most popular drinks in the country. It is due to some of their indigenous cultures and traditions that the food is always so savoring.


Indian food is the spiciest of them all, you will find all types of flavours here. When in India, go for the traditional punjabi and south-indian food delicacies here. Gulab Jamun and Jalebi are the two most popular sweet dishes that you can find here.


France is famous for all those cheesy dishes and the wines that are freshly brewed here. Crepes is a traditional dessert which is served either warm or cold according to your own preference. France is the gourmet capital for all the right reasons. Some of the must try food items include baguettes, croissant, macaroni and praline.

There is so much to explore when it comes to travelling and especially while travelling for food items. Mentioned above are just handful of the innumerable countries you must visit if you travel the world for food. Starting off with these few is definitely a great start for all the food lovers.

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