7 Expert Instructions To Speed Up The Solar Sales Process

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A large number of people around the world support solar power. In light of this, solar is increasingly becoming cost competitive compared to conventional fuels. As a solar installer, how do you get your customers to say yes faster? Here are ways in which you can speed up the solar sales process:

7 Expert Instructions To Speed Up The Solar Sales Process

1. Concentrate

Build a concentrated customer base through networks and referrals by starting in a specific community or neighbourhood. People are more likely to buy solar if they live in proximity to homes that have it. This decreases customer’s decisions as customers hear and see real testimonials. Focus on concentration if you want your solar business to grow quickly while lowering your acquisition cost.

2. Be the First Follower

You don’t need to be the first mover for small solar panel installers. When a large, first mover comes with customer education and advertising dollars, go for it. By following the largest first mover, you will spend less time educating your solar customers and sell differentiated product based on your expertise, quality and repetition.

3. Simplify the Pitch

Frankly speaking, solar is complex. It requires engineering designs, assembly of multiple pieces, permit packages, several classifications of installation skills, large cash payments and interconnected processes with utilities.

You don’t need to bring the complexity of solar to the customers. Your pitch must be simple. It is easier to earn the trust of customers if you approach them with a simplified sales process.

4. Underscore the Value of Solar

People who have solar installed can cut down the amount they spend on utility bills every month. Savings on utility bills can add more than 4% of pre tax annual income. Additionally, when electricity rates continue going up every year, solar energy rates remain constant. Your customers wouldn’t waste money every month that can be used to buy other important things.

5. Underscore Your Value

Convince your customers that you are the way to solar- don’t just convince them that solar is the way. People will naturally buy from people they like or trust; therefore, don’t present yourself as the sales person. Instead, present yourself as a trusted advisor, expert or friend. By presenting yourself as an expert in solar power you gain trust and credibility from your customers. Always keep it simple.

When it comes to speeding the sales process, it is more of demonstrating your credibility, reliability, authenticity and expertise to your customers.

6. Urgency Increases Sales

Having a sense of urgency increases your chances of success. Many times, customers will say that they will look at your proposal only to forget about it completely. To speed up the sales process create a sense of urgency by pointing out clearly when state credits are limited when you are offering a discount , or when tax credits will expire. Encourage them to act now.

7. Look for the Right Audience

All the decision makers must be in the room when you are offering solar consultation. Otherwise you are wasting precious time. If you have been invited in a home, arrange time to talk to the husband and wife. Quite a large number of people do not make expensive decisions in their homes without consulting their partners. Therefore, as a solar sales person you need to save more time and increase your chances of selling more.

People who are successful in speeding up the solar sales process know how to ask for the business. Always remember that, rejection is part of sales and there are times when you will not get a “yes” from your customers. Note that, rejection is a chance for you to understand the concerns of your customers and how to resolve them.

There are many ways in which you can get customers to say yes faster. Work on simplifying processes, concentrate on a specific market, increase the awareness of the value of solar, leverage other providers marketing efforts, create a sense of urgency, be a trusted solar expert, speak to the decision makers and ask for the business.

As a sales person, you need to take advantage of the fact that the use of solar as an alternative source of energy is increasingly becoming popular. The above tips should be enough to get you started in speeding up the solar sales process.