7 Reasons Why You Should Stay Active In Your Child’s Education

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Being active in your child’s education involves more than choosing the right school or packing a lunch everyday. Parents play a vital role daily in the child’s education. When you show your child that you support them in their educational endeavors, you are making a huge difference in their behavior and ability to achieve.

By helping your child set goals for themselves and assisting them in achieving those goals, you show them that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to do and they will learn more. This is a vitally important skill for them to have as they grow and mature into young adults. Children who set goals are shown to be responsible adults.

The active parent uses tests scores not as a sign of accomplishment, but as an assurance to their child that they are on track. When test scores show a problem, you are their to provide support and get your child help so that they can continue learning without difficulty.

7 Reasons Why You Should Stay Active In Your Child's Education

You should develop a relationship with your child’s teacher that will allow for frank and open discussion about your child’s progress and behavior. If the teacher does not make the first move, then you should. By demonstrating your involvement, you are showing your child that an education is important.

Attendance at school board meetings and PTO gatherings is also key to your child’s education. By staying on top of school issues and voicing your concerns in an open forum, you demonstrate to your child the importance of involvement in local happenings. This will set an example in helping to shape community minded adults for the future.

Learning to ask the right questions of your child is also an important step in active involvement. Don’t pose yes or no questions. You need to actively engage your child in discussions about their education and problems they may be experiencing. Children who feel that they can speak to their parents frankly and honestly are more likely to take responsibility for mistakes.

Establish supportive routines for your child. Make time to read together, sit with while they do homework, and overall be there when they need you. By settings routines you are actively teaching responsible behaviors which serve your child well academically.

Teachers often need help with behind the scenes activities such as party planning. Being actively involved in this type of activity not only demonstrates to your child that you care, but it sets an example for other parents who may be unsure of what to do. By being actively involved wherever you may be needed, you are showing that active parent involvement counts.

As you can see, being an actively involved parent is important. You have an exciting opportunity to be a part of your child’s life that too many people believe is off limits. It is true that a teacher sees your child for one third of the day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be there too. Get involved with your child. Show them how important an education is and how to achieve their goals.