8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai

8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai

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Situated along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf is Dubai. Dubai is the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Making its place on the map Dubai vacation rentals, architecture, beaches and indulgences are a major draw card for many people to come here.

What was once a fishing settlement has completely transformed itself into a global city and business hub. Many flights from all around the world stop or transfer in Dubai making it a major transportation point for both passengers and cargo. Through its innovative large scale construction projects and sporting events, Dubai has gained itself international recognition. The city will also host the World Expo in 2020.

8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai

As you are looking for your next vacation destination and spot to relax, here are eight reasons to choose Dubai.

To See the Buildings

Perhaps one of the most interesting things to marvel at in Dubai is the amazing buildings the city has been able to construct and put up. Known worldwide for looking like a sail boat, the Burj Al Arab is a famous hotel built in the shape of a sail boat. With a pretty hefty price tag this hotel sometimes gets referred to as being a 7 star hotel. Even if you don’t stay there, it’s a good one to get a photo of.

Another building that you can’t miss is the Burj Khalita. This is the world’s tallest sky scrapper. At an enormous height of 160 stories most people have a hard time getting it all into one picture frame. There is an observation deck that is open to the public so this is a must see building while you are in the city.

Discovering the Lost City

The Atlantic Palm Hotel has long been famous for having the “Lost City of Atlantis.” Even if you are not staying at the hotel you can go as a visitor and check it all out. There are waterslides, an aqua adventure and other displays. You can walk through the underground grottos with many aquatic species on display including sting rays.

Shop at the Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is huge! Easily reachable from just about anywhere in the city visitors can spend an entire day at the Dubai Mall. The mall is broken into several sections with hundreds of shops and restaurants. There is even a 22 screen multiplex movie theater, an ice skating rink, aquarium and an entire theme park called Sega Republic. On second thought, visitors might need two days to get through the mall and it’s a great place to be if the weather is hot outside.

Stay in Luxury Accommodation

One aspect that Dubai is making itself known for is offering its visitors all the luxuries they can imagine. Being a smaller place to visit, they have and continue to build their reputation on having some of the best of the best offerings for those looking to unwind and truly relax. If you are looking for a place to have an absolutely stunning and well-designed place to create your own retreat, do not overlook all the amazing places there are to choose from while you are in Dubai. Dubai makes a great place for busy families to go because so many of the activities are centrally located.  Guests don’t have to lose a lot of time going from here to there. There is a nice balance of relaxing at your amazing digs, going to the beach and taking in some of the other architectural wonders that impress all ages.

Watch or Play Sports

Dubai is home to plenty of green golf courses, tennis courts and sports complexes. Over the years they have been holding tennis championships, golf championships and cricket competitions. The Nad Al Sheba Racecourse is also a favorite place for visitors to go. When the weather is super-hot outside guests can even play basketball, tennis and football all indoors at the sports complexes.

Enjoy the Greenery

Being in the middle of such a dry and arid geographic location, one thing that has Dubai stand out is its green spaces. Now if you are a visitor coming from an area that normally receives regular rainfall and you have grass, the greenery in Dubai might not be such a novelty to you. However if you think about it from the perspective of someone from that area of the world, green grass is quite a novelty! Being out in parks and open spaces is simply good for the soul. Guests can go to Creekside Park which is a 221 acre green space that both families and individuals adore. There is also a botanical garden with many different species of plants to observe.

Splash Around in the Water

One of the best thing to enjoy in Dubai is its beaches. Dubai has long stretches of fine, white sandy beaches for people to enjoy. There is a mix of both paid beaches and free beaches so you can choose whichever suits your needs. Many nice little shops for eating and selling drinks are available at most beach areas. Just don’t forget to bring that sunscreen so you don’t get burned.

Go to a Free Show

At 30 acres, the man made Burj Khalifa Lake has the Dubai Fountain. Every night the world’s largest fountain puts on an impressive water lights display. Some of the spouts of water go as high as a 50 story building.

Whatever you reason is for looking for an all in one location for relaxing, make sure you hold Dubai at the top of your list.