8 Things You Can Do to Sell Your Home Faster

6 mins read

Everyone wants to sell their home as quickly and painlessly as possible, which is only natural. But if you want to secure a sale fast, you need to put some concrete effort into attracting the potential buyers. Of course, every home is different and might need different upgrades, but there are still some practices that are bound to boost your chances to make a sale faster.

1. Snap Some Amazing Photos

Your property may be great but keep in mind that most people interested in buying will check the online ad first. In that respect, it’s crucial that you present your home in the best light possible. In order to do so, you should take some really great photos. Every corner of your home deserves its own snap and you can be sure that potential buyers will like this. The practice will also create a favourable impression that you have nothing to hide.

2. Give the Place a Proper Clean

No one will leave impressed after viewing your home if the place is dusty and dirty. A fast sale requires some really thorough cleaning as well. Make sure to dust and vacuum every surface and maybe even go over with a damp cloth. Don’t forget to clean the windows and doors either. There are specialized services that can do this for you, too so if cleaning is not your strong suit, don’t hesitate to give them a call.

3. Repaint the Interior in Neutral Colours

A fresh coat of paint is a great investment when your goal is to make your home more attractive to buyers. But the choice of colours can also make a huge difference. In this case, it’s best to play it safe which means – neutral colours. Off-white, beige and other neutrals are definitely the most popular wall colour choices. What’s more, they’re very easy to ignore when potential buyers are visualizing their own perfect home décor.

4. Boost the Safety Measures

These days, people are rather interested in homes that they perceive as safe so that they don’t have to deal with this important aspect after the move as well. That said, you can do several things. For starters, upgrade your front doors with complex locks and maybe even a high-tech security system. Use a quality HVAC system in order to improve air quality and make sure the temperature is always pleasant. Also, invest in top-notch fire duct installation as this is your first line of defence in case of fire.

5. Get Rid of Personal Items

When you’re showing the property to potential future owners, you have to remember that they want to check out the place with their own ideas in mind. This is why it’s crucial to depersonalize your home. Remove family photos, keepsakes, as well as any other element or piece of furniture that’s obviously an acquired taste. Just like with wall colour, you want to keep the entire home neutral.

6. Declutter Your Home

In order to make a sale of your home faster, you should embrace the minimal approach. That said, remove decorative bits and bobs and even curtains and cushions. The same goes for furniture that has no real use at home; only keep the essentials. Of course, a nice vase, lamp and a fruit bowl will look great and make the space appear liveable, but items like these should be few and generally pleasing.

7. Make Sure Everything Works

You’ll have an expert examine the electricity and plumbing in your home, but potential buyers will also check whatever they can as well before making the decision to buy. This means that all the appliances should be in good working order. Even more importantly, make sure that all the lights and outlets are working properly. One broken bulb can make the buyers suspicious of the wiring condition.

8. Spruce Up Your Front Yard

Your front yard and porch are the first things that potential buyers will see when approaching the home for viewing. And the first impression counts. In that respect, you might want to consider a fresh coat of paint for your porch as well. As mentioned, upgrade your front doors. Your driveway should be clean and cracks-free. Also, work on your curb appeal. As long as the grass is neat and mown and there are decorative plants here and there, you’re good. Of course, the more attention you give to your front yard, the better the results will be.

Don’t make the mistake of overpricing your home when putting it on the market. Buyers and real estate agents get familiar with home value before they even view it. On the other hand, you don’t want to ask for less than what it’s worth either, as the chances are people will think there’s something wrong with it. Therefore, be realistic in your pricing and expectations.