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A Brief Note On Evil Eye Jewelery

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Eye pendant can be found very basically anywhere, which is now become the iconic symbol of the fashion industry too. However, not everyone is truly aware of its origins, uses, and true significance. The evil eye figure has a long history and its existence is almost as old as civilization itself.

On the other hand, the belief in this figure only started being significant in Ancient Greece. In this modern era, most people use these 14k gold evil eye pendant as part of fashion and trendy choices. Do you know, there is a strong link between the evil eye figure and casting negativity away? That is true. But, what does it really mean?

Most of us would not be able to answer this question. The reason behind this is that the evil eye is a deeply religious figure, with a cultural accessory and a little bit of superstition in the middle. Consequently, it’s normal that evil eye figure users are not totally aware of the worth of this figure. They simply wear it because it’s popular because celebrities wear them too. Maybe, because they’ve heard it has some sort of protective power as well.

Reason for popularity of 14k gold evil eye necklace?

The general rule dictates that the evil eye stands for bad luck and it is responsible for casting curses, bring misfortune, and inflict injuries into someone’s life. The 14k gold evil eye necklace is believed to be cast by malevolent glares from envious and ill-intentioned individuals. The curse then carries on with its due effects. It also has a strong influence in the fashion and design industries and it is a very impactful figure in pop culture. After all, the evil eye might have different backgrounds in different cultures and religions but it presents the same in its true essence no matter the place.

Now, to protect and ward yourself against the evil eye you can wear the symbol in all sorts of personal items and even add it to your assets. As it meant to reflect the curse back at the caster, so you can find evil eyes on houses, vehicles, clothes, jewelry and so many other objects.

Let us take a brief on the objects where we can find…

More than just Necklaces

For men, evil eye jewelry is often reserved for necklace styles. When a person companies the evil eye, the pendant quickly reflects it away. Though, this ancient concern has found its way into other jewelry designs. Catch a true evil eye on anklets, rings, and bracelets. You may have numerous different styles directly on a charm bracelet, especially if you’re a collector.

Modern Uses

Apart from appeal bracelets and standard necklaces, you’ll find the evil eye adorning many jewelry designs. Either you talk about rings or pendants, collectors keep these designs in jewelry boxes and displays to enjoy the pieces as art. Though, other people solely collect them for good luck. Don’t be amazed that a number of people still hold strong trust in the meaning attached to the pendants they are wearing. They may wear a 14k gold evil eye pendant piece depicting the evil eye, protecting them regardless of the dress occasion.

The Final Take

Hanging bracelets, necklaces and other pieces on the wall or from a jewelry tree makes a boring wall come alive with an interesting conversation piece. Whether you trust in the evil eye or not, this jewelry type is amazingly intricate and collectible for its unusual application of color and design. A 14k gold evil eye necklace, for example, could catch a desired person’s interest while creating a conversation without effort. In fact, evil eye jewelry for men is desired by many people from different cultures.

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