Stainless Steel Eye Bolts

A Glance At Stainless Steel Eye Bolts

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Stainless Steel eye bolts can be used as the anchor points or connection elements. An Eye Bolt is a fastener with an eye at one end to attach a hook or ring to it, while the other end contains the threaded end of a screw. Eye bolts are used to secure a cable, wire, or chain to some other object.

As per the functionality, eye bolts feature a welded or forged construction. In a forged bolt, the eye at the top is designed by twisting a steel piece forming a loop that doesn’t close completely. Welded bolts, on the other hand, contain a fully-closed circular eye welded to a shank.

Both of these stainless steel eye bolts can be used in various applications, but welded bolts demand its use in the most extreme installations. The multiple thread types on an eye bolt can help users distinguish between one designed for wood while the other that works with metal.

Eye lags, means the eye bolts that are designed for wood, feature course threads attached with the shank along with a pointed tip to bite within the wood. Sheet metal lags, also termed as the machine eye bolts, include fine threads furnished together closely to give a tight grip to the metal objects.

Both wood and metal bolts might feature a fully or partially-threaded shank as per the application where they are used. When selecting an eye bolt, installers must find a unit to give support to the required load.

Important Features One Should Know About Stainless Steel Eye Bolts

  • Longer bolts with a thick shank is capable of supporting heavier weights.
  • A large diameter eye can carry thicker objects like heavy cables or chains, whereas a small diameter eye can hold thin wires and strings.
  • Eye bolts made of carbon steel may rust or corrode over time like all steel objects.
  • Bolts with the outdoors must be manufactured from galvanized steel to resist rust and other precipitation.
  • Stainless steel eye bolts minimize the risk of corrosion when they are used with the chemicals or any other industrial equipment and allow more effective hold over time.

In a Nutshell

A reliable range of eye bolts from UK are suitable used at an angle of 45° with a collar. However, another range called Screw-threaded eye bolts are subject to the light duty purposes as they are not capable of bearing the heavy loads. Without shoulder, they cannot handle angular load applications.

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