Acne scarring treatment

Acne scarring and the various methods of treating the disease

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Acne- Derma is one of the most unique clinics in Canada that specializes in acne skin and scare treatments. The company is not only unique but also has a lot of experience in the field of skin care treatments. Anybody who has an acne issue can find all the solutions with Acne-Derma. A problem like Acne can occur at any age to both men and female. It is a complicated disease and can also cause psychological problems and even damage the self-esteem, especially to the people of adulthood. The Acne scarring is a serious problem but with Acne-Derma, there is always a solution to even the most complicated problems.

The various types of treatment

The various types of treatment provided by Acne-Derma are as follows:

  • Topical treatment: In the first acne-treatment, topical medication is perhaps the most chosen option. In here various kind of topical solutions are given in order to counter the acne problems. They contain a different kind of medicinal agents in low concentration. It also contains antibacterial soaps or even cleaning location based on the salicylic acid or even gels and creams that contain benzoyl peroxide.
  • Oral Treatment: There are a lot of oral antibiotics that are there to resolve the issues of acne. The most genuine and common antibiotic for moderate to severe acne are tetracyclines, that further includes the second generation of Doxycycline or Minocycline.
  • Treatments by procedure: In here chemical peels are the most uniformed way of treatment for mild or moderate acne. It consists of applying a certain type of concentration of liquid that contains acid on the skin of the face used by a cotton. The peels help in reducing the excess oil and dead skin, leaving the skin soft but without any kind of acne.

These types of Acne scarring treatment are very popular in the country and the charge for each type of treatment is also not very high, as it can easily get covered by the health insurance of the person.

The various forms of treatment

The various forms of acne treatment are as follows:

  • Laser treatment: The laser treatment has an advantage of being very non-invasive procedure. It is safe and painless as well. The leaser light beans eliminate the bacteria, it reduces the scarring and even stimulates collagen production further helping in restoring smooth and clean skin.
  • Peeling: The peel is a chemical peel that is used in order to aesthetically improve the appearance of the skin. It acts on the dead skin cells in order to eliminate them and even to rejuvenate the skin. This is the kind of practice that is specifically done by a well-trained dermatologist.
  • The subcision: The subcision allows in breaking the roots of the scars of the skin in order to restore a smother and harmonious appearance of the skin. It is actually a small surgical needle used to release the deep-rooted scars into the dermis of the skin.
  • The dermroller: The dermroller is nothing but a skin roller that has several hundred of micro-needles whose diameter various from 0.5 to 1.5 mm microscopic, allowing a very gentle exfoliation of the skin. It is also used to fight against cellulite, in order to reduce the stretch marks and for removing the acne scars.
  • Surgical revision: In cases of severe and deep Acne scarring treatment the healing of the skin depends on several factors. And even after operation some scars still remain in the skin and that is, they there is a fine method of surgical revision that is used to clean the skin from its roots by the ways of surgery.

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