Actor Filippo Duelk Answers Our Questions

Actor Filippo Duelk Answers Our Questions

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We recently caught up with German actor Filippo Duelk to find out about some of his latest projects. Here’s what he had to say:

Actor Filippo Duelk Answers Our Questions

Hi Filippo, it’s always great catching up with you in between your hectic schedule. Let’s talk about your career as an actor. What made you first come to the US?

Simply because there is only one Hollywood on this planet and it happens to be located in Los Angeles, California -and I really appreciate being surrounded by so many talented, creative people.

What would you do, if you weren’t an actor?

So there is no option ‘B’ for me at this point in my life, I am dedicated and determined to work as a creative soul -but I have always liked sports, that´s kind of where I am coming from. So I would say I would have ended up being an athlete and later on changed into the management aspect of it. Or maybe a Zookeeper.

What was your favorite TV Show growing up?

Let me say many, many shows! I always loved the medium TV it was a great time to identify and dream about all these characters that I saw on TV. It makes you escape from reality sometimes and opens up your imagination which leads to being more creative and playful in life, that’s at least how I justify watching TV shows (laughs).

Is anyone else in your family in the entertainment industry?


Did you always want to be in the entertainment industry, if so why?

Because I like to do things that are uncomfortable to do, to break out of this shell that society puts us in and make people break out of their armor while simply watching me.

What was your favorite character so far to play on stage?

Mr.Chater in ‘Arcadia’ a playwright by Tom Stoppard. He is a genius, no doubt about it. That Character wasn’t me at all and that’s the beauty I couldn’t recognize myself, that is the real beauty of acting to walk and just be in somebody else´s skin. That feeling is unique.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Alive, healthy and “zufrieden” which is German and American’s would translate it to “satisfied” but what it really means is “to be satisfied” and “happy/content” at the same time. We Germans tend to have very specific words for feelings and I just love that about the German language. It is probably not the answer you wanted though, so now for the record, I see myself as an established creative soul in the entertainment industry, surrounded by people that I dearly love and maybe buy my mom a house.

What do you miss about home?

I have many homes due to my biological heritage. What I miss most about all of them, is the people and the food -but it is not really missing what I feel because right now there is nothing missing in my life. Los Angeles is the place to be for me right now, in this period of my life. I know this, so I don’t like to use the word missing.

Thanks for your time Filippo!

Thank you!