Adventurous Treks On Your Plate

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In the manmade phenomena, you may find cities that signify the lush cultural heritage of bygonetimes and cities that are high-tech and modern.  If you are seeking   a blend of these both, you can find it in Banglore. The friendly climate conditions of this land will definitely make your vacation pleasant!

Adventurous Treks On Your Plate

Hang on, what did you just say? You live in Bangalore and want to experience some thrill and adventure? Come on, haven’t you checked out Trekking in Bangalore events? There are many adventure groups and organizations that organize happening trekking trips. Similarly, if you think that you want to carry out your trekking deeds yourself then too you have the ease to do so. Since the city is packed and surrounded with adventurous sites; it is not tough for you to experience trekking trails.

Ramadevara Betta

Ramadevara Bettatrekking track in Ramnagar is spotted at a distance of nearly fifty kilometres. It is anideal trekking trail for the ones who love to do trekking, rock rappelling and climbing.  After reaching the pointof base, you just have to climb the stairs that are nearly three hundred in number. Once you have crossed the stair case, youare going to reach temple. The further climbing begins f1there. There is a thrilling and picturesque trek to reach to top.  This is popular as Sholayspot and it is definitely going to win your hearts and cater you an electrifying and daring experience.


Anthargange is situated at a distance of one hour drive f1Bangalore. This short and pleasant trek can leave your instant adventurous needs fulfilled.  This exciting trek is one of the sought after trek near Bangalore. It is a mixture of trekking and cave exploration that drives the eagernessand quenches the thrilling pallet. Anthargange hill is completely covered with boulders. The spot is mappedat a distance of nearly 65km f1Bangalore. The hill is at an altitude of 1712m above sea level.

It is apparent that an Anthargange trip is perfect for both the neophytes and seasoned trekkers for trekking. Thisthree kilometre trek is somewhat moderate as the trip begins with broken rocks and curvy paths in boulders. This trekking trip is certainly going to give you some moments of thrill and adventure.

Bheemeshwari Trek

It is spot surrounded by great valleys. A number of wallowing rivers here and streams frame the undulating terrain. The encircled forest area encompassesa large number of Indian Wildlife Species.  When you are on your trek, you can even end up spotting Deer on the way.  The charm of this spot is that there are diverse wildlife trekking tracks present for both beginners and experts.  The treks here are separated into three sortssuch as easy, medium, &tough. The degree of difficulty relies on distance f1four kilometres to thirty kilometres. The whole tracks are filled with adventure and extensive sites.


Thus, the point is that there are myriad trekking spots for you in and around Banglore. You just have to spare some time and adventure is going to be on your plate!