All In A Day’s Work For Makeup Artist Estelle Descard

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Someone recently mentioned that a make-up artist’s medium is the human body. We never thought of it in those terms before but once that was said we realized that it was pretty much a great way to look at it. Estelle Descard, the French make-up artist sees it that way, too. Her work is all done on the human face and the human body and it is exceptional.

Estelle has always been in love with the world of cosmetics and her color-filled career helps her achieve her essential philosophy “to live life to the fullest” on a daily basis. She brings that same positive energy and passion to her work by carefully listening to what her clients’ needs are and then adapting her highly accomplished skill set to enhance each one’s unique beauty. Christa Theret, Michel Bouquet, Cyril Hanouna, Louane, Yoan frégé, Pierre Menez, Anna Smith, Victoria Silvstedt, Vanessa Demouy, JUL, Leto, Bob Sinclar and Tonya Kinzinger among others.

She is a freelance hairstylist and make-up artist and has been working for six years in Paris, Los Angeles and Sydney, Australia. Yes, she does get around because she is in high demand. Her work is so subtle that if you look at it from a photographer’s point of view, you can’t tell where the make-up begins or ends. That is what professionals look for in make-up. Does it look like the model or actor is wearing make-up? If so, then the artist is not doing her job. Estelle, however, is meticulous in her choice and blending of colors and in the flawless and seamless application of the make-up. 

She has been a make-up artist for countless fashion shows, TV commercials, music videos, theatrical stage productions, photo shoots and films. Just some of the TV shows she has been a part of are: The Voice France, La Nouvelle Star, L’école des fans and Top Model Belgium 2017. Estelle has also worked with world-renowned photographers such as: Philippe Doignon, Eric Fischer, Jerry Davidson, Sandrine Gomez, Mathild Bresson and Zack Zublena.

Besides her great facial make-up talent, Estelle also creates incredible and quite stunning full body make-up art on models. Her skills can transform the human body into an ice cream menu covered in different delicious dessert selections or an image of our universe filled with stars, planets and cloudy nebulae. Estelle’s creative imagination and expertise has no boundaries.

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