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How much sleep your body need to recover and rest?

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As per the research, it has been revealed that lack of sound sleep has reached sweeping ratios: nearly 1/3rd of adults get around 6 or even lesser number of hours of sleep each night resulting in rise in sleep deficit over the past couple of years. Deprivation in sleep can adversely impact the overall health of all age groups, from young people to elderly adults. And as per to experts, deprivation of sleep can lead to major health risks, from raised rates of long-lasting ailment to an upsurge in deadly car crashes.

How can you exactly get to know whether you are sleeping for good number of hours to feel happy and healthy? And if you need to want to sleep sound throughout the night time, what are the best ways to do that?

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Here are some of the factors that play pivotal role in getting sound good night’s sleep during the night time:

Find the right type of sleeping mattress online

Many people tend to overlook this major aspect that plays a pivotal role in deciding whether they will able to sleep sound during the night time or not. Don’t be surprised our bed and bed accessories like sleeping bed mattress and pillow do contribute to making fall asleep quickly. If you are sleeping on too firm or too soft bed mattresses then chances are quite high that you will feel uncomfortable and end up waking up tired and your energy levels will be low. Hence, it is always good to invest in good sleeping mattress online instead of going for a mediocre or inferior quality one.

Set a Regular Sleep Time

You will be amazed to know that when you set a regular fixed time to sleep it definitely works wonders. Once you set your sleeping time, recognize a constant bedtime for yourself and try to follow the same routine every night, you will realise that you will fall asleep during that time every day. If essential, set an alarm to prompt you it’s time to hit the bed.

Hit the gym regularly

As per many studies, it has been revealed that when you engage yourself in different types of physical activities you tend to sleep quickly and sound throughout the night time. So, always ensure you do go to the gym and do exercises on a regular basis to get a good night’s sleep.

Avoid intake caffeine after 6pm

Caffeine is considered to be one of the disruptors of sleep. Hence, always ensure that you avoid having coffee or tea after 6pm in the evening.

Ditch big meals before bed time

It is always advised that you should try to eat light during the night time as it will help you fall asleep instantly rather than feeling uncomfortable due to overeating.

Wrapping up

Hope you do consider incorporating things from ditching big meals before bedtime to finding a good sleeping mattress online to get desired sound sleep well and wake up feeling energized and refresh next morning.