All You Need To Know About Munich Transportation Facility

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Germany is a leader in providing world class transportation. Munich is one of those places that offer great travel facilities.

Trains, subway, buses, cabs connectivity to main city centre is very convenient and comfortable. The transportation is not just fast but it is also very much comfortable for everyone.

The transportation in Munich has a reach to every single place which one might head to on a daily basis. The services on airport are commendable and quite easy to get when you reach over there.

They provide various means of transportation to their tourist on the airport. Here let us give you a brief description on Munich transportation facility that will make you get to this amazing place easily:-

All You Need To Know About Munich Transportation Facility

Munich airport transfers  

Airport train

If you reach the airport and want to travel all the way to Munich city centre by train then it will cost you around 10 eur approx. it will take up like 50 minutes to reach the destination. The amount depends on the distance you’re going to cover, the travel for kids below 6 year is free. Moreover, you need to buy ticket before boarding the train, there are booths form were the tickets get sold.

Airport bus

The Munich airport bus service will be a good experience, it will cost you around 10 EUR. the bus cover the distance in 40-45 minutes, you can buy the tickets online for the shuttle or from the stand within the airport complex. The queries get cleared at the bus stop as you will find a complete schedule table right up there.

Local metro passes 

Anyone above 14 years old considered as a adult in Munich which means he/she have to pay for the travel like everyone does. You will get the passes from the ticket machine first time. Here is the detail of all the passes :-

One day pass : You can get the ticket online or also purchase it from the booth. A one-day pass will cost you around 6-7 EUR for inner zone. It is effective as you can change the metro anytime without having to buy the ticket every time.

3 day pass : Same as 1 day pass but it is for 3 days, being a adult you have to pay 15 EUR for 3 day pass. 25EUR if you’re with a partner.

Airport pass : This includes travel from/to airport along with local travelling in the city. It is applicable for an entire day which includes buses, trams, trains etc. the cost is almost the same for adults 11 EUR with partner then 21 EUR (appx). The pass stays valid till 6 am the next day. The partner pass covers upto 5 people in a group together (adults).

Bottom line

The booths are available right at the airport complex for buying tickets. The electric metro departs from line s1 and s8. Look forward to having a convenient journey as you will find top notch transportation facility right from the time you put your foot down at the Munich airport.