An Epicenter of Health and Wellbeing

An Epicenter of Health and Wellbeing

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Health and wellbeing is what elevates the standard of our lives. This is what a family in Burlington, Vermont, wanted for everyone. Seeking the lifelong dream of bringing a healthy lifestyle to people, Katy Lesser, along with her children, decided to open a health store where she would make organic foods available to anyone who wished to keep their body sound.

Going Live

It was in 1986 when Katy Lesser launched the organic store, “Healthy Living Market and Café”. The entire purpose of the store was to make organic food accessible to people and to instill a keenness among society to live a healthy lifestyle. The store began its operation by partnering with a couple of Northern-Vermont-based farmers. Since the advent of Healthy Living Market and Café, they have continued to build close relationships with these farmers in pursuit of learning from them and educating them about the market organic market as well.

Path down The Road

Although the store does not provide anything unhealthy, it still aims to further purify their products by claiming that by next year, their entire range of products will become free off artificial colors and flavors, artificial preservatives, artificial sweeteners, fats or trans fats, or anything else that could harm the body in any way.

The long-term vision of this company is to ensure that the world becomes a better, healthier place to live in. Katy regularly partakes in developing the community through partnerships with various non-profit organizations.

A Success That Took Its Time        

It wasn’t an overnight success story for Healthy Living Market and Café. The demand for organic food was quite low, and not many people were aware of it. The premium prices were yet another hindrance for the new business. Keeping all this in view, Katy and her children initially opened a small outlet from where they carried out their operations.

After years of work and building a positive name in Vermont, Katy decided to open doors in the New York market as well. According to her, the New York region showed a lot of potential when it came to staying healthy and enjoy a decent lifestyle. The new store was launched on a fairly larger scale with around 150 employees in Saratoga, Spring, New York.

Environmental Care

Being an organic store that ensures the wellbeing of people, it was an unsaid obligation for the business to give back to society. Healthy Living Market and Café has been taking part in different environmental friendly projects for around 30 years now. Some of the major efforts in this regard include a composting project with Casella Waste Systems, sponsoring New York ‘Green Up’ Day as well as the Intervale Environmental Nursery project etc. The business has also been involved in building organically grown edible landscaping at both the stores.

In a nutshell, the Healthy Living Market and Café by CEO Katy Lesser, and co-partners Eli Lesser-Goldsmith (son) and Nina (daughter), is thriving at both its locations. It is the go-to place for everything organic for a vast majority of people in South Burlington and Saratoga. Both the stores’ employee around 300 people combined. Learn more about this organic store at