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Beginners Guide To Indoor Cycling Training

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Indoor cycling is a great way to increase your fitness, whether you are using it as a workout on its own or a compliment to outdoor cycling you can get great results from training with an indoor exercise bike. One of the advantages of using a stationary bike is that you can control your environment whether at home or in a gym while it is much harder to control what goes on around you in an outdoor setting. For people just getting into indoor cycling there are a few things to keep in mind before you get started. Having the right environment, finding the right bike, not pushing yourself too hard, and having fun will keep you coming back to your stationary bike.

Beginners Guide To Indoor Cycling Training
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If you are getting back into exercising it is important to find an environment that you are comfortable with. If you are looking for a more social ride than a gym could be a great option; many gyms offer spin classes and this can be a great way to meet people with similar interests. Gyms also tend to be quite cost-effective than buying a new bike and setting it up at your home.

Having your own bike at home is a great way to totally control your environment. You can set up when you want to work out and go at your own pace. If you are setting up at home be sure to place a mat down so that you do not get any sweat, grease, or dirt onto your carpet. Using an exercise bike tends to be more expensive at home, as it is costly to buy a bike but if you use your bike a lot you can eventually get your money’s worth.

Find the Right Bike

Whether you are buying a new bike or using one at the gym, it is important to find a bike that matches your needs. There are a few things to look for when checking out bikes. The first is having a comfortable seat. Nothing will make you dislike any type of cycling more than an uncomfortable seat. Having adjustable handlebars will also make your ride much more comfortable. If you are looking at purchasing a stationary bike, having a belt that attaches to the flywheel tends to mean that the bike will be more durable and quieter while a chain gives a more outdoor feel to an indoor bike. Heavier flywheels will also give a more stable ride.

Don’t Push Yourself

If you are just getting back into exercising, you shouldn’t try and overdo it. Working out on an exercise bike does cause you to sweat quite a bit and burns a lot of calories. It is a common mistake by beginning riders to try and get in shape overnight, but if you raise your heart rate and go at a pace that you are comfortable with than you can get results without all of the potential negatives such as sore muscles, dizziness and light-headedness. Also, to get the best results from a workout you should include training with weights and working your core to get the best well-rounded workout.

Have Fun

Whenever you are starting a new workout there are going to be temptations and excuses to give it up. However, if you are doing something that you truly enjoy then you will be less likely to give it up. Results will not happen overnight, you do have to put the effort and energy into it, but if you keep at it you can get the body that you want.

Exercise bikes can be a great way to shed a lot of calories very quickly, which makes this workout extremely inviting to beginners. When starting out on this new workout program locate the right environment for you, find the right bike, don’t push yourself, and most importantly have fun.