An Exhilarating Vacation Through The Ravines Of Ladakh

An Exhilarating Vacation Through The Ravines Of Ladakh

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[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Ladakh is mysterious, being safeguarded by the Great Himalayas and replenished by the mighty Indus River. The ravines of this snow land are still inaccessible and hence a challenge to the trekkers. Boost your adrenaline exploring the secrets of Leh Ladakh.

The Darcha Lamayuru Trek

An Exhilarating Vacation Through The Ravines Of LadakhThe Darcha Lamayuru trek is only for master trekkers. This trekking zone lies between the Indus Valley and the Himalayan Range offering spellbinding natural beauty and many glorious Buddhist monasteries.

Travel through some of the highest passes of the Himalayan Range, namely, the Shingo la (5100m), Parfi la, Hanamun la (4800m), Sengge la (5060m), Sirsir la and Prinkti la. Know the Tibetan Buddhist culture chit chatting with the monks at the Phugtal and Karsha Gompa or chant, rolling the huge prayer wheels, to experience divinity.

The Trek Over The Frozen River

An Exhilarating Vacation Through The Ravines Of LadakhTrekking through Leh Ladakh as the drizzles shower is a lifetime experience. As the mercury drops, the mighty Zanskar River transforms into a frozen snow carpet. Popularity known as the ‘Chardar’ trekking, you can walk over the river, witnessing the magnificent frozen waterfalls and living a life of the hills at the nearby villages.

The complete route is dotted with several monasteries, namely, the Hemis, Thiksey and Shey Gompa and the famous Shanti Stupa. You can be lucky enough to meet the endangered wildlife of Ladakh, like the snow leopards.

The Indus Valley Trek

An Exhilarating Vacation Through The Ravines Of LadakhTrekking through the gorges of the Indus River is a treat to the eyes. While the snow capped mountains sanctify Ladakh, the dew drenched grass and the bright coloured flowers beautify the terrains. While the high passes of Phobe La (3700m) and Charatse La (3800m) gift you an enchanting view of nature, the warm hospitality of the Sham villagers is a respite from the strenuous roads.

Besides enjoying the simple life and customs of the Ladakhis, this moderate trekking trip also takes you to some of the oldest Buddhist monasteries of Leh Ladakh, like the Likir and Ridzong Gompa. From rare manuscripts to Buddhist relics, these monasteries are no less than treasures.

The Southern Zanskar Trekking

This trekking trip begins at the ancient kingdom of Himachal Pradesh, hence acquainting the trekkers to a blend of unique cultures of Himachal and Ladakh, along with a tour to the well known Phutgal Caves.

This expedition takes you to a height of 5080 metres. Check out the struggling life of the Indian army as you pass Kargil, the borders of India or the romanticism of Manali if you opt for the Manali to Padum route.

The Lamayuru Alchi Trekking

Trekking tour Leh Ladakh is no less than a crusade. Buddhist monks have preferred this isolated piece of land for peaceful mediation and hence numerous gompas stand as crowns at the hill tops of Leh Ladakh.

The trek from the Lamayuru Monastery to the Alchi Monastery is a pilgrimage that helps you to rediscover peace. While the Lamayuru Monastery is known for its breathtaking beauty, the 11th century wood carvings of Sumdah Chenmo are astonishing. The Alchi Monastery is spectacular with elegant temples, where you can find varied incarnations of Lord Buddha and wooden pillars engraved with images of mythological animals. Explore other monastery tour in India.

Hence as you sip your hot cup of butter tea resting at the top of the world, life seems to be more fascinating than you have ever thought it to be.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]