An Unfolding Episode Of Technology

7 mins read

Invention and innovation are all you see anywhere, everywhere. What’s change is doing is nothing but making our lives and work simpler day by day. There is no definition to where this ease will end. As the technology will develop it will make it more easy for people and then again it will get a step up towards development. This process of development has no end. There is no field left facing backward techniques. Business industry is very vast and what technological development doing is increasing the output of the functions without increasing the input. Isn’t that great? Haven’t you getting an image of all the computer and electronic techniques in mind after reading the word technology? Well, let me clear your image and take you to the history where hammer and wheels were some of the things taken in use to work. These were also a part technology. Surprised? Yes, everything we see here and there making us simplify our work is technology.

Focusing on the business industry, technology is the only thing whose advancement is increasing the growth and shift of business in a competitive world. Business has not been the same without technology what it is today. Technology is like a ready to eat food in your plate. But don’t forget that you are not allowed to eat this food alone. You have to share it with your customers. By sharing means, you have to make your customers stay updated. You have to update your communication with your customers.

What comes first in your mind by hearing the word communication? Mobile phones, right? Well, you are right. Mobile phones have created a very easy to communicate approach. Integrating social media with mobile phones is like a cake whose top is overflowed with cherries. Advertising is now not limited to physical platforms such as newspapers and pamphlets. Technological development has created a vast number of platforms for enterprises to advertise their products and services. Integrating mobile phones and social media and designing a strategy to advertise on this platform don’t sound interesting to you? Making customers focus and concentrated on your products and services with the help of most used telecommunication network is the latest technology driving enterprise development to a whole new level. Well, mobile advertising has become a double-edged sword in the technological field. You need to be more different and attention-gainer in this different world of technology.

Thinking to stand out in the market? Why not focus on another technological development of the advertising field? Bulk SMS is a concept which you are no more unknown to. Bulk SMS API is also a technique which is generating business for many enterprises. There are some gateway providers who have set-upped their business as API providers for the enterprises willing to adopt the bulk SMS services to focus on mobile marketing. What bulk SMS API do is it allows business to maintain a computer mobile communication. It is an integration that is provided by the gateway providers to the enterprises that connect the existing software and database of the company to the application which allows the mass text messaging and voice calls to be sent on the mobile phones. What an interesting communication technological development it is.

As the mobile phone has become a most important part of life, people spend more time with their mobile phones than sleeping or working. Social networking sites are more used on mobile networks than on web pages and portals. Marketing for the businesses is now only focused on real connection. A technique of URL shortener is also introduced for the companies who are more focused on mobile marketing. Sending messages and attracting clients seems easy but have you ever wondered that, a large proportion of people receiving messages ignore it. Investing 100000 messages on people and gaining only 10000 responses is nothing but a waste of a large number of messages and money invested in messages. URL shortener allows the marketers to send a link with the messages to the people. Users interested in the offer will click on the link and rest will remove the messages. Now, what URL shortener does is it filters the click on the link. Now you must be confused about how will it improve mobile marketing? The marketer will be benefited by knowing the number of clicks on the link. This will benefit him in filtering the people interested in the latest deals and offers of similar type. In future, he will be sending similar messages only to the people who clicked the link and the rest number of messages will be secured for another promotional message.

Another technological development in mobile marketing is chatbot. Many enterprises design a chatbot that allows intelligence human conversation. An application is designed to answer all the queries asked by the customers. It is a 24*7 application allowing users to ask queries anytime they want. It also reduces human interaction which saves a lot of labor cost.

Technology does not only end with mobile communication development or advertising method. There is a lot more to it and you know what? Everything that is new to technology is definitely going to be old later. No end to technological development means more innovations, more creativity, more methods to work, more logic to develop, more fields to optimize, more segments to spread and more chances to gain success.