Budget Planning TIPS! How to Make Realistic Budget for a Trip

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So, are you ready for a trip? The things are packed and the hotel is booked. All that is left is to check this website and rent a car for a trip. It is very comfortable to use mobile apps for booking a vehicle. Or you are still saving money for your holidays. However that may be, you’d better to plan your budget. It doesn’t matter where you go and what is the goal of your trip. You’d better to plan your trip expenses in the best way to have a good vacation and no stress! Honestly, how many times did you regret about wasted money? How many times did you want to get time back and cancel operations? We all want to get maximum feedback from that money you have spent during the vacation. You can’t have a good time thinking of your expenses the whole day.

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Planning budget is especially needed for all travelers. If you are on a planning stage now, this article will help you to create a realistic plan and not to miss a thing. Are you ready for a trip? You should know that your trip planning is a kind of guide, but not a set of rules and limitations. Of course, you have a right to make mistake and also have an opportunity to correct your budget on the go. Remember, a good budget is a flexible budget.




  1. Tickets

Where are you going? If you are going somewhere a couple of hours driving from your home, it’s not a big deal. It doesn’t take much money. As a rule, air tickets take much from your budget. Just make a search. Upload one of useful apps to help you to buy tickets. Find out the price and the best route. Traveling between the continents means you have to buy air tickets. Traveling between the cities means you can easily travel by bus or train, or even rent a car that is much cheaper than the airlines.

  1. Transportation

Of course, you need a transport to get to the hotel from the airport. Public transport is the best variant, at least it seems to be the cheapest one. There are special apps where you can find out all needed information about the bus routes all over the city. Also, you may use taxi, but it usually takes much money from your budget. What about using rental car services? You can find prices with the help of mobile apps. Be careful! You need some extra money for transportation. Thus, if you are under 25 you will pay additional money for young driving.

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  1. Accommodation

You have to spend some money for accommodation. It also takes much money from you budget if you have booked the best city hotel. Stop and think. What kind of accommodation is the best for you? Do you want to stay in the hotel or hostel? If you don’t want to spend money for accommodation at all you may try couchsurfing. It’s ok if you will change the hotel on arrival. The point is to find out the prices for accommodation in the district you are going to stay and plan it in your budget.

  1. Food

Food can be the most difficult budget point to plan. Just think where you are traveling to. If you are going to somewhere to European cities, Australia, the restaurant prices are not much different from the USA. Canada and the USA have equal prices. Traveling to Asian cities or to the South America, you can find the cheapest food here. Of course, it is difficult to plan your budget if you don’t know the prices. Do this way: the average price for dinner is about $15-20 per person in the USA and Europe. You can take even more to be sure that you’ll have enough money for dinner and coffee during the day. Speaking about alcohol, the prices on it mostly depends on the place you are traveling through.



  1. Attractions

Planning an excursion? Welcome to visiting national parks, historical museums, ancient ruins, and other city attractions? How about to go diving or surfing? Just learn as much as you can about the city and then plan your budget. Is there anything you want to try? What about shopping? Traveling to Europe, don’t forget to plan some money for shopping.

Do you really want to learn everything about how to save some money when you are traveling? Everything is simple. You can save money on every budget point. So, try to find cheap hotels, eat in the cafes, not restaurants, use public transportation or rental cars, forget about shopping, alcohol, excursions, and go walking around the city instead. Is that what you really want to do?