Answer These Questions Before You Start Your Family

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You might be very much excited to make a new addition to your family but are you sure about it? Well, starting a family involves you taking up the responsibility of a child and you will definitely wish to make the best of it.

So, before you actually take the first step towards parenthood, it is equally important to get answers to these questions-

Is anyone compelling you to start a family?

Often, family and peer pressure have a huge influence on the decisions that we take in our lives. Similarly, while you are 3-4 years into your marriage there is possibility that your family might pressurise to start a family.

If not this, there are instances, where couples plan having a baby because all their friends have already became parents.

Instead, ask your family whether they would offer a helping hand to you in looking after your baby?

Just an instinct

At times, couples just fall in love with the idea of becoming parents for a specific span and are not mentally prepared for the responsibility. Well, before you take the plunge of becoming make sure that you give it a proper thought.

You can list all the pros and cons of the situation and give an honest thought whether you are ready to take all the necessary efforts which it requires.

Put career on the backseat

You are doing an excellent job at work and are expecting a raise in the coming year. But, are you ready to put that on a hold and take care of your baby? As a parent, you will have to shift your priorities from work to your infant.

Since your child needs more care at this particular age are you ready to pick a part-time job? However, once your kid grows you can get back to a full-time job and pick your career but there will be a phase where in you will have to put your career on hold.

If you understand and are to take this initiative, you probably can think of starting your own family.

Strength of your relationship

There are some couples who plan having a baby for several reasons like they need another source of motivation, they feel their relationship is about to break/end, they are bored of each other’s company

As a matter of fact, the main question they should be asking must be that are they prepared for a commitment for the next 20 years. If both of you willingly accept this commitment then perhaps it is the right time to start your family.

Do you have that financial leverage?

As much as you love kids, cherish their presence and are keen to start a family but are you ready to spend a major part of income on them. Right from the delivery to raising a kid is likely to be expensive. This means that you probably won’t have the same financial liberty which you currently have.

You will have to manage finances, figure out resources to save and invest money. If your spouse wishes to be a full-time mother then you will have to solely bear the financial load.

Besides, you will have to put an additional security net around your family by investing in life insurance, medical insurance, Will, etc. You will also have to determine factors like what type of insurance is apt for your family, how much does a will cost, who will be your executor, etc.

Do you have enough room for the new member?

It hadn’t been long since you moved into your new apartment. But, when you start a family you need more space for your kid to sleep, play and move around. This means that you probably have to move to another apartment, purchase a house or make space in your existing apartment.

Besides, you also have to ensure that the location you reside in is suitable for your child’s growth. You should have school, hospital and such other facilities around your home. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase a new home consider these factors and accordingly purchase a home.

What if you have twins?

If either of the spouses has a biological history of twins in their families then there is likelihood that you may conceive twins. Perhaps, if you are seeking fertility treatment then the probability of multiple births is quite high.

Have a proper conversation with your partner about whether or not you are ready for dual responsibility if at all. Remember that multiple births are not just an add-on to the responsibilities of the mother but also the father.

Therefore, make sure that you have a thorough conversation with your partner about the same. If possible, ask your friends (who are already parents) about the changes and their experience to get an honest opinion.

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