Ayahuasca Healing — Rejuvenate The Soul And Restore Your Sense Of Spirituality

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A brew from the nature of Amazon, mixed of ‘Chacruna’(DMT) and ‘Caapi’(MAOI) is called Ayahuasca.  If you are new with this term, let me guide you to know a few essentials of Ayahuasca Healing, and its relation with ancient life changing from Amazon. Also known as ‘yaga’, was not been popular among westerners about 20 years ago- now, this is gaining momentum for healing.

Natives living in the Amazon for millennia have been practicing this powerful plant medicine and revered Ayahuasca due to its recreational properties. They knew about the potent of this brew that could: heal the body from within and restore spiritual revelations, regarding their purpose on earth. That’s a lot of information to perceive an idea about Ayahuasca Healing, a transformational journey possible. To really see if this blessed retreat formula is for you, know more:

What is Ayahuasca?

Within the true nature of the universe, Ayahuasca is a sacred plant medicine, prepared carefully by indigenous tribes from the South American Amazon; only they have knowledge about the true potential. Along with a powerful spiritual awakening, the Ayahuasca consists of ceremonial healing properties on every level emotionally, psychologically, and physically. It is known to serve deep revelations into the elements of reality, who we really are, our purpose to live and our place in the Universe. Even it is to be observed and reported that those who consume it gets soul alleviation and reach higher spiritual dimensions; sometimes to make contact various spiritual or extra-dimensional beings for guidance or heal.

Preparation of Ayahuasca

It is a combinational therapy of two plants: leaf from Chacruna, Psychotria viridis, and vine plant Ayahuasca, Banisteriopsis Caapi. Together they are boiled over a fire, off course, a subtle ratio to be maintained while preparing for hours.

The best part is the ceremonial arrangement to have Ayahuasca tea, also termed as The Ayahuasca ceremony in Ayahuasca center Peru.

I believe this is the basic data for the beginners to realize what is Ayahuasca? Over time, Ayahuasca center Peru has started experimenting to treat and cure in the safest possible way with the ingredients and successfully found that Harmala(MAOI) and Mimosa(DMT) are the two components to make the potent smooth for a transitional trip if used correctly. Practiced from prehistorical civilization by the shamans (healers) for Ayahuasqueros as a process for the expansion of consciousness. Today, it is widely and ethically used in Ayahuasca center Peru to help many cases, such as depression, drug addicts or mere retreat lovers, as a substitute for antidepressant pills.

Here, in CayaShobo, we are responsible for your safe retreat healing as we adopt possible precaution, for people’s safety while furnishing ‘Ayahuasca retreats’, assiduously. We believe safety is our foremost and prime concern to direct best Ayahuasca retreat and we cut no corners when it comes to following guidelines in our ayahuasca retreats center. Our healers, teachers as well as shamans prepare aesthetically strong medicinal tea, based on the believe: the environment has to be sincerely safe and supportive while distributing ayahuasca retreats.