Basketball Uniform Design Elements

Basketball Uniform Design Elements

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When you are designing a uniform for your basketball team, you have to keep a few things in mind. A custom uniform is a great way to bring your team together as a unit. If they see the uniform as being something that is explicitly made for them, they are likely to see themselves as stronger and more professional team. Creating a unique team identity is absolutely essential to creating a winning team; they need to work together and see themselves as a unit. A uniform is a way to do that; however, not just any uniform will do. You need to create a custom uniform that accounts for several different design choices. Some of the choices are aesthetic, whereas others are purely functional.

Basketball Uniform Design Elements

Picking Team Colours

Your team colours are going to be both aesthetic as well as functional. Dark colours absorb more light than light colours, so they tend to get hotter. This is a pretty serious concern if you play in an outdoor league; however, it’s not nearly as important if you’re playing indoors. Lighter colours, on the other hand, handle heat much better but they tend to stain easier. Sweat is eventually going to discolour your uniforms, whilst dark colours will not stain quite as quickly.

It’s really a matter of balancing your concerns. Light colours are better in sunny conditions and in the wash. Dark colours are better for hiding stains.

Uniform Materials

Picking a uniform material is also aesthetic as well as functional. Basketball uniforms can be sublimated or cut-and-sew. Sublimated uniforms are dyed, so the colours are injected deep into the fabric. That means the colour is a part of the fabric, allowing for very lightweight uniforms. Because they’re only made of one material, they do not have any additional weight. Cut-and-sew uniforms are more traditional uniforms that consist of a base uniform with names and numbers sewn onto the uniform. These are very durable uniforms that have the advantage of being repairable. You can’t really repair a sublimated uniform since the ink is a part of the fabric. However, you can more easily repair cut-and-sew uniforms with new lettering and numbering.

Uniform Shapes

There are many different considerations when it comes various shapes on the uniform. The neck hole is one of the areas you can customise. Some people prefer a V-neck, whereas some prefer the crew neck. There’s no real advantage of one over the other, so you should just pick whatever your team likes best. You can also determine the shoulder style; this tends to differ from team to team. Some teams like narrow shoulders and some prefer wider shoulders. If your team intends to wear t-shirts under their uniforms, they might prefer narrower shoulders. There are some other design elements like that for you and your team to decide on; the big decision comes down to the colours and the materials used.

Creating a team dynamic is very important, and custom uniforms are a great way to do that.