Benefits you can derive from bulk SMS

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For a small business or one that has budget constraints bulk SMS appears to be an effective form of marketing. If you are trying your hands at this form of marketing then avail the benefits of bulk SMS gateway Indore. They have numerous benefits to offer

Open rate is on the higher side

In comparison to other forms of marketing bulk SMS has a higher open rate. Each SMS that is send is opened within a span of 5 minutes. On the other hand emails are hardly opened and it makes its way on to the spam folder.

Better conversion rate

With bulk SMS the conversion rate is higher in comparison to any other mode of marketing. In the modern times there are various apps for messages and it reaches within minutes to the intended parties. In comparison to any other platform B2C has a higher rate of conversion.

Easy reach

Even a simple mobile phone in the market has SMS features. Gone are the days where you needed an internet connection to access the SMS features. For this reason bulk SMS does not have any level of dependency. It means in comparison to any other marketing platform the reach is on the higher side.


The concept of SMS is not rocket science and even a layman can send out a message with relative ease. No major educational qualifications are needed to understand the concept of bulk SMS. In case if you have a large target audience to send out messages, then mobile phones are no an apt choice. You need to get in touch with bulk SMS providers in Indore. They have tailor made software packages for the benefit of customers. In this manner you can kick start your SMS campaign with relative ease.

Wide appeal

At present there are nearly 4.22 million mobile users which is indeed a major chunk of the population. People have got addicted to communicate via SMS so it makes sense to opt for this medium.


In case of email marketing you have to log on to the internet whereas other marketing tools demand a lot of money. With bulk SMS not only you save time but also money as well.

Research points to the fact that 98 % of messages are read within 2 minutes


When you compare it to the other forms of marketing SMS proves to be a cost effective bet.  It is economic and friendly when you compare it to TV, bill boards or any other form of advertisement.


One of the major advantages of SMS is that you can personalize the contents of it. You can choose to send messages as per location or buying patterns of a consumer. A degree of rationalization is expected with bulk SMS which is going to cost you a lot with other marketing tools

Last but not the least you can send out automated messages. As a business owner you can pay attention to other things that need attention.