Best Phone Monitoring Software

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The business owners provide a degree of autonomy to employees for successful operations. But sometimes, it is required to keep the check on workers especially working on computers.

Every business possesses a set of confidential data and information. An owner cannot afford leakage of sensitive data out of the organization. And that’s why phone monitoring software and employee management software step in.

You are investing in your employees by providing them computers, laptops, and tablets. Of course, you must not want them to waste such properties on surfing internet or scrolling through Facebook status.

Leakage of confidential business data is the worst that can happen. Due to rapid technological advancements, the tracking of employee’s activities seems impossible. Fortunately, we have solutions that can collect the data without getting noticed.

Diverse types of monitoring tools are available in a market. Based on the selected package or software, you can enjoy the variety of monitoring services. For instance, the businesses mainly seek an app with efficient data collection capability. So that you can know which applications have been used on the computers. You must want to check if there is an adjustment which was restricted. Or All you want is information about emails sent, device location or chat logs.

By now, you must be convinced of monitoring tool’s importance. Let’s see which are top monitoring software in the market. We two for you!

HoverWatch – Ultimate Spying App

HoverWatch is the latest addition to the spying pool. Since the inception, it has become favorite of parents and business owners.

Cut to the chase: HoverWatch is an efficient monitoring tool with intuitive user interface. It is packed with a bang of spying services which were never offered before.

Unlike other applications, it is compatible with most popular operating systems. That includes Windows, Android, and Mac OS X. This way, one can have control over computer or tablet from the smartphone using this app.

Key Features

  • Geolocation – You may have asked your employee to deliver a package. Obviously, you don’t want him/her to waste the fuel on something else. With this app, you can have accurate geolocation insights of a target device. It does the tracking using nearby Wi-Fi or GPS signals.
  • SMS & Call Recording –HoverWatch traces and records all incoming and outgoing calls on a target device. Phone user may have deleted the SMS or MMS. But this secret weapon will keep you updated.
  • Stealth Mode –HoverWatch does the magic in the stealth mode. This spying app collects the desired information without making the noise.
  • WhatsApp & Facebook – Not only you can have access to incoming and outgoing Facebook messages but also can save media files (audio, images, and videos).

Refog Personal Monitor

Refog personal monitor provides nonintrusive tracking services. Today, kids are smarter than parents. Blocking the sites won’t be a great idea. Instead, you must know what they are doing on the device without getting caught. Same applies to employees!

Key Features

  • Social Media Network Tracking – You must not want your employees to waste time on social media trolling. Refog lets your peek inside Facebook, Twitter or Google + profiles of your employees. Not to mention, without getting noticed!
  • Chat and Call Recording – You will get notified when your employee’s shares resources via messages of voice calls.
  • Web Surfing – Your employee cannot make lame excuses anymore. Because Refog will save web address of each site which is previously visited, even though the user has deleted the history.

When it comes to syping apps, HoverWatch and Refog are the ultimate choices!