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Best Places To Buy A Stylish Leather Jacket in Toronto

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Sunny skies are here again! And that means it’s leather jacket season. Whether you are into the sleek and tailored look or prefer something over-sized and moto-styles, you can find the right kind in Toronto.

The city of Toronto is home to some cool, fashion-forward leather goods shops that offer plenty of design options, one of which is bound to fall right with your budget. Take, for example, LeatherSkinShop. These guys offer a wide range genuine leather jackets in timeless designs for round-the-year fashion. And you can buy from them online!

You don’t have to dish out your hard-earned dollars for high-end brands just because you want to look stylish. However, pure leather is still an investment. Thankfully, vintage leather jackets are a commodity in their own right, so buying a quality leather jacket will never be a loss-making idea for you.

Now coming back to Toronto, the city is home to some fantastic designers and leather shops that create and sell statement leather jackets. Whether you want something understanding to complement your work wardrobe, or you are planning to make a rebellious statement with your leather jacket, we promise you’ll find it all here at these shops:

1.  AllSaints Outlet

AllSaints are a British brand that opened their Canadian outlet earlier last year. It’s the perfect shop for you if you want a fantastic deal on an otherwise outrageously expensive leather jacket. From biker leather jackets to bombers, a variety of high-quality leather goods is available here.

2.  Rudsak

If you want to make a viable investment in a leather jacket, say upwards of $600, and end up with stylish statement pieces that scream quality, then Rudsak is your destination. It’s a local-made, all Canadian company that offers clothing that is leather chic with a particular rock’n’roll vibe. Whether you are getting your wardrobe ready for the winter time, or need a leather jacket to last you through the summers or fall, Rudsak has just the right one for you. You’ll even find a bag to match. For winters, you can also ask for fur trims on your leather jacket to keep you warm and trendy.

3.  Mackage

This one’s a trusty player in Toronto Fashion Week. So, when Mackage puts out a leather jacket, you can rest assured that it’s runway ready and cute to boot!

They release trendy collections for every season, and that’s why their clothes are made according to the latest trends and always stylish. You’ll find leather jackets here quite expensive, i.e., upwards of $700, but hey these jackets will also last you a lifetime. So, we think it’s a win-win.

4. M0851

This is one badass store where ‘unconventional’ fashion rules the shelves. If you want a leather jacket that is designed to look off the beaten track, you want something fresh and distinctive then head on over to m0851. This store offers a huge range of men and women’s leather jackets, bags and other leather goods.

Yes, it is an expensive option, but you are buying your leather jacket brand smacking new, and it will outlast pretty much everything else in your closet, that’s a promise. So, it’s not a bad deal after all. These are the sleekest leather jackets available anywhere in Canada right now.

5.  Doc’s Leathers

Doc’s Leather is a grungy looking, no-nonsense, kinda-scary biker store in the Queen West neighborhood of Toronto. And it is home to some of best biker-style leather jackets known to humanity. Of course, the target customer is the Harley-Davidson owning motorcycle crowd. But the store doesn’t discriminate at all. In fact, anyone who wants to buy a leather jacket is more than welcome. If you can get past the intimidating storefront, a treat awaits you inside: leather jackets starting at $350!

6.  Nordstrom Warehouse

Nordstrom hosts a week-long sale warehouse sale at Easter weekend every year. If you can wait for that time of the year, the rewards will be rich in leather! If you don’t have a specific style or type of leather jacket in mind, the Nordstrom Warehouse Sale is perfect because there is no telling on what styles will be available each year. However, there is one thing you can be sure of; you’ll be scoring big bargains of up to 70% off quickly.

7.  Black Market Vintage

Vintage leather has stories to tell. If you have the dreams of owning a black leather jacket on a tight budget in Toronto, the Black-Market Vintage may just make your dreams come true. The prices here are budget-friendly, and the jacket styles are evergreen. And in case you don’t find anything on your first visit, keep checking back. The stock is organized quite neatly, and it mostly includes military era bomber jackets and biker gear.

The Last Word: Buying Online Is A Great Option Too!

Unmatched style, unparalleled protection, and unrivaled utility – that is the promise of a leather jacket that has been crafted to perfection. A soft and luxurious leather jacket doesn’t just look good, it offers complete protection from the cold and chilly weather. It is also stain-resistant and durable enough to be inherited by your kids. And together all these factors make leather an excellent choice for outerwear.

Leather jackets are an essential part of the contemporary wardrobe. The right jacket is designed to perfection and offers superior craftsmanship. A beautifully tailored leather jacket can enhance your style factor definitively.

LeatherSkinShop is on an online store that ships a variety of leather goods across the world including Canada and USA. The online store has a fantastic understanding of 100% genuine leather. Their products are handcrafted in stylish, vintage and rugged leather bags, jackets and more for men and women.

A leather jacket is a statement item that can complement your attire all year long. Whether you are a man or a woman, it is time to get one of these for your wardrobe. Spend a little time each month polishing the leather and ensuring its timely maintenance, and we promise that it’s going to last ages and never diminish in looks.