Bleeding Edge Applications of AI Unlike Anything Imagined Before

Bleeding Edge Applications of AI Unlike Anything Imagined Before

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more mainstream nowadays, with companies using machine learning and AI in a variety of applications. When we talk about artificial intelligence, a lot of people usually think about androids and robots that have their own consciousness. Movies are to be blamed for this assumption. However, what many of us don’t realize is that AI is being used in plenty of everyday industries, and there are many applications in which AI is playing a predominant role. Here are some amazing uses of AI that you couldn’t have imagined a mere decade ago.


Smartphone manufacturers are betting on artificial intelligence and leveraging it in creative ways. Huawei, for example, has incorporated AI into photo software to help users take better photos with their latest flagship, the Huawei P20. Simply put, the AI of the phone allows you to take better pictures in low light conditions. Huawei knows that many people have difficulty in keeping their hands steady and therefore, the camera allows you to take pictures with a long exposure using AI that recomposes the image and ”straightens” the photo if the phone shakes when the photo is clicked. There are other uses of course, such as the automatic focusing of objects with greater precision.

Autonomous Driving

Autonomous vehicles are becoming more and more popular and many of them use artificial intelligence in order to better understand their environment. In particular, autonomous vehicles rely on deep learning, the ”complex” branch of artificial intelligence employed to learn about the way in which real-world surroundings work and the objects and signals that are in the driverless vehicle’s path. All this is processed and shared using a hive mind of sorts, so that the autonomous vehicle becomes safer and is more adaptable to its surroundings.

AI in video games

If you are into gaming, you must have already encountered artificial intelligence. Many game developers are now incorporating artificial intelligence to provide a more customized gaming experience. Electronic Arts is already testing advanced artificial intelligence, but Microsoft included it in 2013 in Forza Motorsport 5 and has been developing it ever since. The vehicles in this game take ”patterns” of real players so that, when played offline, the gamer can experience more realistic races, including such traits as erratic behavior in vehicles and human failures. Valve also used AI in ‘Left 4 Dead’ to analyze the behavior of human players and create hordes of zombies accordingly.

Cyber Security

As the cybersecurity landscape and the threats and malicious actors they counter continue to evolve, many companies have resorted to using AI to beef up their cybersecurity postures. CYFIRMA is a major, AI and machine learning powered cybersecurity company that provides a range of threat intelligence and visibility products and serves as an example of a pioneer trying to introduce AI into this highly dynamic and versatile domain. CYFIRMA has been constantly improving on its products and services by employing AI to identify patterns, trends and offer predictive insights into the global threat landscape.

In summation, unlike the Terminators and the sentient robots from the movies, AI is more of an enabler of advanced processes and intuitive, automated responses in today’s mechanized world. As highlighted in the list above, AI is finding a range of applications across a wide array of business verticals, some of which, could not have been imagined a couple of years ago. As this technology evolves further, who knows, what other everyday applications will find an AI boost.