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Reasons Why You Should Raise Kids in an Apartment Complex

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Almost all of us dream of owning an independent bungalow set in large lawns. But with rising property prices, it is not always possible to afford one. That said, living in an apartment complex is also a great idea, if not better. It offers plenty of benefits which include lower maintenance costs, greater access to amenities and choice of location. Moreover, it promotes better utilisation of resources, better security and more social interaction, all of which go a long way in raising smart, independent and socially skilled children.

Here is a list of reasons why more and more young parents are shifting to apartment complexes to raise their kids:

  1. Easy to supervise

When you live in an apartment, it becomes much easier to supervise your kids as they are usually within earshot, enabling you to keep an eye on them at all times. This can be a great relief especially because kids love to spend lots of time playing outdoors yet need to be kept under watch round the clock. Plenty of kids’ play areas and world-class amenities are the marked features of luxurious flats in Malad.

  1. Peer groups

Having their own group of playmates is one of the greatest advantages of raising kids in apartment complexes. It helps parents find children their own kids’ age to know and interact with, which makes the younger ones emotionally stronger and independent. They grow up to be mentally and physically healthy members of the society. They also learn the virtues of compassion and sharing with others. Children living in apartment complexes also gain confidence and develop their social skills through their interaction with peers. It also means parents don’t have to worry much about their children staying alone or glued to a screen.

  1. Access to facilities

Whether it is a gated community or an apartment complex, there are high chances of getting easy access to various hobby classes, sports, schools, swimming pools and other amenities. Some apartment complexes also have study groups where the older children get help with their school work from experienced teachers in the neighbourhood. This can be very helpful to your kids and you as well, as there’s no need to worry about ferrying them back and forth in other parts of the city.

  1. Support system

Children make it easier for adults to bond with each other. The presence of other families with children of their own helps form a much-needed support system where one parent can watch another’s children in an emergency, participate in group activities, share useful information about the area and form strong relationships. Apartment complexes are also more suited for carpooling as a number of children are likely to be attending the same school nearby.

  1. Security and safety

Almost all of the best flats in Mumbai have a registered apartment association which employs a security apparatus responsible for ensuring safety of its residents round the clock. They monitor the entry of external vehicles into the residential area. Parents can let their children use the play area in such apartment complexes without worrying about safety. This is quite a relief when compared to living in a separate and independent property where maintaining security can be much more expensive and yet not as reliable.

  1. Sense of community

Since apartment complexes have residents from diverse religions and communities, festive celebrations always happen to be a grand affair. Every festival is celebrated with full fervour by all residents of the community. This goes a long way in developing the virtues of sharing, tolerance and living in harmony. Birthday parties also get so much better when all the playmates gather to celebrate their friends’ big day and have lots of fun! These experiences enrich their minds so that they become sharper, happier and able to focus well in studies, sports or whatever they like.

Millions of people are realising the invaluable benefits of raising children in an apartment complex and when you consider all these factors, it really does make more sense for young parents to opt for living in one.