Bogmalo Beach: Want To Enjoy The Beach At Its Best?

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Goa is much famous for its various beaches. They are famous for not only coastal beauty and sands but also for various aqua sports activities, parties, DJs and other features of the beach such as safety of the tourists and lifeguards. One of the famous beaches here is the Bogmalo Beach.

Located near the port city of Vasco this beach is one where one can find every kind of leisure and water activities. This beach stands as the perfect blend of commercialization and serenity coupled with beautiful landscapes where the tourist can enjoy a quaint time with their friends and family.

Bogmalo Beach: Want To Enjoy The Beach At Its Best?

This beautiful beach is lined with palm trees and coconut trees making this a perfect spot for a picnic. The beach is also surrounded by fishing villages and shops. The beach is sated with a large number of shacks where travelers, tourists, and hippies can have the relaxing moment of their desire along with authentic Goan cuisine and seafood dishes.

This beach is known for being the perfect mixture of innocence and practicality where the visitors can take a walk around the beach or take a dip in the Arabian Sea. This beach is also accompanied by a number of smaller islands which the visitors can explore on their own and have a little adventure by themselves. On the historical aspects of a previously colonized state, there are some shipwrecks around that give the tourists something to indulge in apart from the sea and the beach itself. Bogmalo, as mentioned earlier has everything offered in a package where one can indulge in luxury activities and at the same time indulge in sunbathing, diving, water sports activities, nightlife or parties.

The clean white shores of Bogmalo beach and the blue water of Arabian sea kissing the shores, that becomes an attraction for the ones willing to just laze around under the sun with a book to read or while listening to music. To top this all there is the bright and slightly warm that makes a very comfortable outdoor time. The beach is considered as an ideal for water sports such as jet skiing, windsurfing, swimming, diving, parasailing to mention a few. There are diving schools available with a personal diving trainer to look after the safety of the tourist which is also PADI approved for the really adventurous lot. One can indulge in diving to have a closer look at the coral reefs and the seabed, somewhere coming close to flora and fauna embedded deep on the seabed. For more beach games you can visit talkmug.comĀ for fun.

The shopaholic in the tourist can let loose itself when around the Bogmalo beach because the beach is adorned with shops selling handcrafted goods from Kashmir and many other regions of India along with every possible electronic ware.

This beach facilitates some beautiful sunset one can indulge their eyes on. Interesting additions to this beach are the innumerable cows that graze around. To one this might sound very un-beach-like, but it is a reality, where one is bound to witness many cows peacefully roam around the beach.